Storyline After Dat Kid vs Trip

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    Dat Kid sits in the medical examiner's room as the cuts on his back are being wrapped up, his head hung low. An interviewer walks in with a camera crew.

    Interviewer: Excuse me Dat Kid, we just wanted to hear your thoughts after losing to General Manager Trip?

    Dat Kid turns away when he hears this and then looks back at the interviewer.

    I was so sure and I know I wasn't the only one. The way they looked at me, they knew I was going to win tonight. I don't have an explanation for what happened hear tonight, this wasn't the prophecy, far from it. So you want to know my thoughts?

    I used to speak undeniable truths and my thoughts are now useless.

    Interviewer: Where will your plans go from here?

    Plans? What plans? Didn't you forget, I belong to Trip now. There is no loophole and there are certainly no more plans.

    Interviewer: Thank you for your time

    The interviewer begins to walk away until Kid grabs her shoulder.

    There's something important you should know.

    Kid looks at her as if she is the last person who will listen to his words.

    The first generation is dead.

    The feed dissolves into the next match
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  2. Before the feed dissolves, we see Christian appearing behind Dat Kid and the interviewer. He looks straight into the camera and speaks into the microphone.


    The feed dissolves
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  3. Would care if Christian was relevant.
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  4. Don't got time for this IWT shit. @Trip in the Head
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  5. Good.
  6. FIRED :win:
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  7. *An interviewer catches up with Trip in the Head in the back after his match*

    Interviewer: TRIP! Uh, Mr. In The Head? Sir. We we're wondering.... *Trip turns around all of a sudden with a bad attitude*


    Interviewer: *visibly shaken up* Um....we just wanted to get your thoughts on your match tonight.

    TRIP: Ah yes, that. Well, I managed to beat Dat Kid didn't I? They said it couldn't be done, but I did it. It wasn't easy, I'll tell you that much. But when you want something THAT know.

    Interviewer: Yes, but we we're wondering if we could get your comments about what transpired after the match was over? It seemed a little........I dunno.......

    TRIP: What!? Racist? *interviewer shakes their head yes* Yeah, I kind of lost control out there tonight when all was said and done. I'm better now. I went backstage and had my "attendents" calm me down. I hope Dat Kid wasn't too hurt by the ordeal, seeing as he is my property now. I take care of my things you see. I take care of them reeeeaaaalll wellllll.

    *Trip winks at the camera before turning and continuing on his path down the hallway, whistling "Zippity Do Da" like he did nothing wrong to begin with*
  8. You're to busy making LQ threads.
  9. So long for the 7th time Christian! Wait, that's not what you meant?
  10. Fuckin love your sig.

  11. Fuckin love you. Sick pic bro, new TPB is so damn soon. We get a movie, a season, a spinoff (swearnet movie) and a movie after all within 5 months.
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  12. ...a couple of drink Julian! is my favorite line ever.
  13. Dat Sex Slave?:bodallas:
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  14. :shadowssister:
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  15. I know bro all my buds are TPB fans, can't fuckin wait for the new stuff.

    On-Topic: lol first generation
  16. I want to hate on you so much right now. I am a real american. :hogan:
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