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  1. *The scene opens up backstage where an interviewer is walking down a hall when he sees a sweaty Joey Bryant walking out of breath with a big smirk on his face. He approaches him.*
    Interviewer: Joey congratulations you have defeated Nick in the first round in the tournament. Can we get your thoughts?​
    "Damn... *Takes heavy breaths* That was a close one. Props to that shit head but he gave me one hell of a fight whether he respects me or not... I have been through torment and torture here in IWT and I'm finally proving I am not the man you want to cross. Nick knows that now."
    Interviewer: Well currently Farooq vs George are having their match. Are you nervous about having to face either one of them?​
    *Joey just stares at the interviewer and then punches the wall and runs his hands through his hair and turns and begins to walk away. You can hear him mumble:*
    "....Well fuck."
    OOC: Just a short little thing.

  2. OOC: Uh oh. Good thing he didn't break his hand punching the wall. :adr:
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  3. *Jacob watching backstage*

    We all know the final will be "The Cure vs The Cure" and one of The Cure members will quit. Nevermind, I have to focus on my match against Gav and Darren.
  4. OOC: I hope those guys could come up with a better storyline than that garbage. Dissension in the ranks, something.
  5. I don't really care about their storyline, they're just trying to follow our path or something like that. I don't really care about it because every new guy who comes here looks the same. Everyone is heel and want to beat better heels with no gimmick at all. That's something I dislike about the new guys tbh. We are about 5 face in a roster formed by about 30 members... Nevermind, just keep an eye on the match and if you feel like, vote for the ones who was better.

  6. OOC: That's what I do!
  7. That's what we all do! (or at least should...)
  8. I shoulda had this too :henry::upset:
  9. I already left once with the IWT title firmly in my hand, i dont need a repeat to stay relevant.

    "I don't really care about their storyline, they're just trying to follow our path or something like that."
    I hope you arent talking about your crew of faces.
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  10. Nope. I was talking about everyone in the IWT. Everyone wants to fight the big ones with no work, without proving they deserve it. We didn't come out asking for a tag team championship match, in fact, we said we'd fight whoever wants a match for the titles and the best would face them. Anyways, we have a match against them at Uprising and there I'll see what they can do as a team.
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    OCC or whatever: Not all "newbies" doesnt work. There are many new members ( DKJames Nick1698 DX2006 tgill85 for example, there are more (Just tagged you to give you credit)) that create a thread almost daily to develop their gimmicks. Some of them are doing a really good job.

    As for DX2006, what about a promo against the Cure or whatever. I disagree in a way with Jacob. You have cut some promos to develop your character. However, you should focus on the Cure. And on us
  12. Kinda agree with you. They make a lot of threads trying to create a storyline and some are good, but as I said, they're all the same. They want a shot at the titles without working (by working I don't mean creating tthreads where you beg and lick Kid's cock to have a title match, I mean they don't really fight others as they should do. The only thing they have in mind is the gold when the only important thing in here is having fun making promos and fighting other wrestlers.) just saying they are the best in the business when they only have had one match in their entire career here in the IWT. They all want to be in the PPV card and if they're all in the PPV it would take two weeks or more. As I said, they want to be in the top without competing to others and proving themselves as a good talent, this isn't the old IWT where everyone had an oportunity.

  13. :silva: It has worked so far. Thats how I get those shots :damnn:
  14. Yeah, but you've proved what you can do. This new guys have only had one or two matches and they want to be the main event. I've never been the main event because I'm not ME quality tbh but at least I have more than three matches in my back. Some are quite good, but it's always the same: "hey my name is [insert name here] and I'm the best in this company. [they talk about their only match in this company they won] [Guy begging for a title opportunity]." That's what irritates me tbh. No storyline, no gimmick, nothing but begging to be the ME.
  15. I honestly wouldn't say I begged for a title shot. I said give me a title shot or a match. I honestly don't care about titles. Would I want one? Hell yes, but I just wanna have fun. It don't matter to me whether or not I got a match or a title shot, I just wanna improve so I can actually be able to win a title. So I'm perfectly happy with matches instead of title shots.
  16. I know. I just said a common thing. I know you only asked for a match. If you want, after Uprising we can have a Dark Match so you can improve your promos and have some fun.
  17. I'm down