Storyline After Jonathan Vs Unknown

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    Unknown rolls up, he wipes some paint from his mouth and takes a mic

    Unknown: You know, loss isn't the end for some people. Well tonight it seems that is it for me, I don't need title gold to put my place in history because tonight it was made. Jonathan you have declined matches from everyone backstage until now, I was the one exception that you wanted to face in this ring and I am honoured by that. My opinions don't change from this, I still hate your fucking guts but after tonight I sure as hell respect you and I want you to know that. This may be my final match here and I am glad it was with you, I have put my blood sweat and tears into this company for a while now and it hasn't gone unnoticed, as a former champion this seems about as good a time as any to call it quits, its time for the tricks and havoc to come a close and I am damn proud to have been apart of this company and I am damn proud to end it here tonight, this ring against this man right here. It isn't good bye. Its See You Later.

    Unknown puts his hand out to Jonathan

    Jonathan looks to the crowd, Jonathan smiles, JONATHAN SPITS IN UNKNOWN'S FACE! Unknown stands back as Jonathan moves to leave, LORD LEE! LORD LEE OUT OF NO WHERE IN A SUIT LARIATS JONATHAN.

    Unknown smirks in the ring, Lee picks up Jonathan and plants him in the middle of the ring, Unknown takes the mic

    Unknown: You really thought it was over eh? Why would I quit when I am just getting started. This is only the beginning. I told you the world would crumble from under you Jonathan and now that wrecking ball has turned into an earthquake, destroying every last hope of keeping this place alive. I am not here to destroy the company Jonathan I am here to destroy you. I want every last trace of you in this company gone and people like my Bodyguard Lord Lee over here and giving a helping hand in the battle, we aren't a team, we aren't a stable, we aren't an army. We are an Empire. The Imperial Empire and this is only the start, it doesn't end with Lord Lee, it doesn't end with me. More and more will flood into the gates of the Empire and fuel the fire we use to burn you to the ground. And if you manage to overrun one of us, the other will take the place. The Imperial Empire is here and is going no where. Adapt or Perish.

    Unknown stomps on Jonathan, Unknown stands on Jonathan chest and poses, Lee helps him out of the ring, Lee puts Unknown on his shoulders as they circle ringside

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    No sold completely.
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