Storyline After Lux vs Cross

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  1. *Lux motions for the sound truck to stop his music, then he grabs a mic.*

    Jack Lux: Look at that Braeden... Not only did I take the lead in our series, but I also knocked you out of the Grand Prix Tournament.

    *Lux then walks to Cross' body and rolls him out of the ring.*

    Jack Lux: Sorry, just had to remove the trash from the ring. Anyways like I said before the match, I want to be the Intercontinental Champion and the Universe Champion, and now Braeden I'm one step closer to both of goals. That's not why I took the mic through.

    *Lux turns to look at the hard camera*

    Jack Lux: I took the mic to announce the three stipulations in our next which be a Three Stages of Hell match. The first stipulation will be a Falls Count Anywhere, Los Angeles Street Fight. The next stipulation will be an I Quit match, and finally if it comes to it which I doubt it will... The last stipulation will be a Barbed-wire Cage match. The funny thing about that last stip is that the only way to win it is if climb over the cage, because there ain't going to be any pinfalls or submissions and you can't go out the door. Of course it won't come to that because I will beat you Braeden... Good luck.

    *Lux then put the mic in the middle of the ring and walks out to his music.*