Storyline After Night Of Champions

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  1. *Adam Aries is walking backstage, He walks into his locker room and grabs his suitcase and his briefcase, He starts to leave the arena*​
    Josh Matthews: Mr. Aries, Any words on what happened?​
    *Josh follows Aries to his car, Aries throws his briefcase away into the street, He starts to get into his car*​
    Josh: Mr. Aries?​
    *Aries pulls out his IWT Contract and tears it up, He flips off Josh and closes his car door, He drives off*​
    Josh: Weird actions taken by Mr. Aries, Back over to Jim Ross at commentary.​

  2. After Night of Champions, I go fuck everyone's mother.
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  3. and their mothers too!
  4. Just remember, my mom called first.
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