After Proving Grounds Battle Royal Backstage

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    *Backstage after Battle Royal in pre show, Nick won to be clear*
    Andy ZagZig Samalan louissiscool Reborn DX2006 Trevor
    (Despite some people didn't show up I tagged them, did not tag Nick because he's taking on Nightmare so i heard)

    *Duggan is walking through the halls, patting his face with a towel, really pissed*
  2. *Jacob leaves...*

    I wasn't involved it that match, why was I with them?
  3. Oh sorry, I tagged you by accident
  4. Not a problem mate. I'm happy that you, the new guys, try to come out and make a name for yourselves
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  5. *Duke Nukem walks into Dexx Duggans(DX2006) dressing room* "You best be training your hardest for the next two weeks because its just gonna be a singles match against someone with as much intensity as me."
  6. *Duggan stands up, looks a Nukem*
    Dexx: You know... since your speaking intensity mate, I guess your not referring to yourself because you didn't win the battle royal. So, I'm looking foward to whoever else it is. No you best run off mate... theres an Undisputed World Title match about to start and i'm a little curious to watch.
    *Turns on the TV*
  7. "Neither did you and you have already been booked in a match against me unless your to chicken for it?"
  8. Dexx: *mutes TV* I've seen real chicken get torn apart from Coyotes, Dingos, Gators & even Sharks back home. Going through you again is another walk in the park.
  9. Nick is walking backstage with a smug look on his face. He hears the sounds of Nukem and Dexx talking and walks closer towards them. He goes by them and smirks.

    "How's it goin', losers?" He chuckles and looks at them. "I would really like to know, how did it feel to lose to me - in dominant fashion, might I add? How did it feel, after all your pathetic trash talking, to get dominated by the next best thing in the IWT? I really loved the look on your faces after I eliminated you guys!" Nick laughs and takes a seat across from them.
  10. Dexx: Alright mate... i'll give you credit, despite the fact Duke calls you an "alien", or how I call you a retard, you won... alright? Now please, me and Duke have some unfinished buisness. You get your own problems to deal with.
  11. Nick smirks.

    "Oh, that Nightmare guy? You honestly think he will be a problem for me?" He chuckles and gets out of his seat. "Even you two morons are probably better than that guy. It'll be a walk in the park for me. As for you two, you'd I'm actually quite interested to see you two face off."
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    "I sugest you watch your back nick who knows if you piss everyone else off much more who knows maybe you will be seeing me and maybe dexx i can't speak for him appearing in your other matches against you ,not and even a 'great' competitor like yourself needs that in there life."
  13. *turns to back to Duke, forgets about it until his match, back to Nick*
    Dexx: Now Nick i'm sure i'll be seeing you at your funeral after Nightmare is done with you, Gav the Chav probably signed your death warrant when he made you his opponent, maybe if me and Nukem weren't that focused on each other maybe you wouldn't of won.