Kayfabe After Robert Blake VS Tyson Frost

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  1. *Robert Blake is standing in the ring above a broken Tyson Frost. Robert Blake falls to his knees and laughs at Tyson Frost. Robert Blake calls for a mic as he leans on Tyson Frost making sure he won't go anywhere*

    Robert Blake: Is this all you have?! Tyson....How you have fallen. You used to be good! You held the same title I held. People would be scared to have a match with you but now people want a match with you because they know you won't win. All you are is a washed up has-been. And now this is the part where I save him? You know....Like I tried before. God does save people, right? Wrong. I'm done with it all! I'm not saving a fucking worthless human like him or any of you scum! I am the God of darkness and I destroy....Just like what I did tonight with this waste of space. Tyson, I don't care about you....I don't care about your monkey squad.....And I sure as hell don't care about these people. I only care about being the best and I will be the best. I will become World champion and the Darkness will rise.

    *Robert Blake punches Tyson Frost as he lies there. Robert Blake leaves the ring as the crowd boo him out of the arena. He laughs and leaves ending the segment*