Storyline After the battle royal: Kept you waiting.

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  1. *After the battle royal, a cameraman finds Lilith Young in one of the lower corridors of the arena.
    She is sitting resting on a stack of boxes with the dry blood still on her face from the match.
    She is rubbing her hands and face out of disbelief of the outcome of the match.
    She turns her head to the camera knowing she had to speak her mind once again.*

    Lilith: I lost and failed my goal but this feeling the feeling of my skin crawling and my bones shaking it’s amazing oh how much I missed being in the ring. It’s the rush you get in front of everyone and the pain when you don’t show the skill in that ring and everyone did just that but I could not beat anyone and I looked liked a fool. I Gave my all and spilled blood against someone I dreamed of facing for my whole time I was denied before and now I see why everyone was scared back there. When I stepped into that ring I stared into the eyes of partiers and wrestlers and goddesses.”

    *Lilith Looks up to the ceiling as the sound of the leaking pipes get’s louder and the devilish smile grows on her face as she walks off and signals the cameraman to follow her.
    The video cuts out and returns to her resting against a brick wall under a night sky in an unnamed city. She still has that smile and now she looks around before speaking.*

    Lilith: Now I leave all my faith in the ring and once I recover I will come back from this loss no one can take my hope or crush my dreams. No one can make a nightmare like I do and when this blade of dark cuts into the light of hope I will come out on top.Everyone thinks I’m alone in this war we call wrestling and I will fight forever because I love this and this is my passion and my love for wrestling is the backbone to why i come back and I’ve been wrestling since I was 17 years old.And in all that time only a small amount of people in that time has been in my good faith and now the forces that try to control me and what I do and this is a boiling point I will not back down and I have no fear of the future anymore and no one will ever put fear in my eyes again. But the time for me is now and it’s his.

    *The camera cuts to a view of a Toyota AE86 driving down alleyways and side roads.
    The car stops right in front of Lilith whose devilish smile turns into more of a cheerful one.
    Steam and smoke fill the area as the driver side door open out steps Chris Young with a pair of sunglasses on along with his basic all black suit as the camera zooms in and pans up his body stopping on his face as he removes the sunglasses and utters just one line.*

    Chris: Kept you waiting huh?

    *The video stops with a freeze frame on Chris’ face and the subtitle "September" appears after the screen fades to black .*

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