Storyline After the Battle Royal: Louie's Uber

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  1. Louie Aldo is seen walking along the backstage area with a down expression on his face. Having come so close to being named the #1 Contender for the Television Title, he must be heartbroken. That doesn't stop him from using a comb to adjust his hair as he walks along, though.

    Louie: Bro...

    Louie begins talking to himself akin to a protagonist's monologue.

    Louie: Bro... Damn I looked fly out there!

    Well, that happened rather quickly. Louie's attitude seemingly does a complete 180, and he is once again back to his old happy-go-lucky self.

    Louie: I mean, I did end up losing to a female, but I ain't against having a lady on top, ya know what I'm sayin'?

    Let it be known Louie is talking to nobody but himself. At this point, he has wandered all of the way out to the parking lot.

    Louie: It don't matter, though, I'll get through to that broad one of these days.

    Louie lifts his head up and looks outward, the camera turning to follow his eyes. There, we see a lone car sitting, with a grown man alone in the front seat, seemingly waiting for somebody. Louie approaches the man.

    Louie: Wassup bro, you an Uber?

    Man: Yeah, but the guy that called for me is 10 minutes late.

    Louie's face lights up.

    Louie: Aye, well, could you take me to the airport?

    Man: Sure, hop in.

    Louie: Alright, sweet.

    Louie opens the backseat of the man's car and hops in. Seatbelt? Forget about it. The car begins to pull away as Louie can be heard talking the guy's ear off already.

    -End Segment-

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  2. Reag's just a hater. No idea why he disliked this lmao, keep it up man. Like your stuff.
  3. I told him he'd have a cameo when I stole his Uber. He's just #Salty
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  4. I disliked it because of this
    Boi, where my cameo at though?
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