Storyline After The IWT/WHC Title Match

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  1. *The confetti is up in the air, the crowd is in euphoria, yet confusion after seeing Jonathan, who inserted himself as the ref, help Joey win back the IWT Title. Alias lays at ringside, despondent, looking on at Joey Bryant who celebrates with the title. After a few minutes, Joey Bryant walks to the back, and it looks like IWT Summerslam is about to come to a close, but all of the sudden, Alias enters the ring with a mic, running his hand through his hair nervously, about to speak.*

    Cut of the music, cut it.

    *Mixed reaction*

    I got screwed tonight, not only once, but twice. And I'm damn sick of the constant, endless politicking that goes on in the IWT currently. They like to feed lies into your mouth and establish to you all that Trip is infact the GM of this company and has major control of it, but like I said, just a plethora of lies being fed into your mouths. The man who still controls this company despite the persistent demands of getting his fat ass out of here is Jonathan, who holds a personal vendetta against not only me, but most of this company, and it was never more evident than tonight. And I can't co-exist in a company like that. Corruption everywhere.

    *Alias takes a breath*

    After tonight, a lot of emotions ran wild through my head. I'm truly at a dead end, a stalemate in my career. I've became the IWT Champion tonight, my dream, but once again, that dream got taken away from me like it was nothing. From happiness to desolation, to utter rage. This night has been an emotional rollercoaster that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. And I could cash in my rematch clause for Night Of Champions, I could even quit the IWT right now. This may seem like the end of Alias Antonio.....but this is only the beginning.

    You see Jonofag, what you did tonight is simply put, your deathwish. You made me want to get my hands on your blood even more, and at Night Of Champions, I WILL get my hands on your blood. Because at Night Of Champions, I challenge you to a FIRST BLOOD MATCH and I will expose your ass entire this whole crowd tonight. I'll also expose the dirt and fat and grease that your blood contains. Jono, you better accept.

    *Crowd goes Marcus Anthony wild*

    After I'm done with your ass, I'll gladly take on Trip's ass, the whole TNG's ass, Chris Kaizer's ass, that little bitch Nick's ass, Gav, Dazzle, The Desperadoes, ANYONE in that locker room with a set of balls will simply be a victim on my path to redemption.

    *Crowd pops again*

    And after I'm done with those punks, I'll head into the new year a new man, and a new man means one thing, a new title around my waist. Congrats Joey Bryant, hold on to that title as dearly as you can, because I know no one's gonna take it off of you. You're gonna head into the Royal Rumble with that title still intact. Gav and Nick will NOT cash-in successfully and you'll beat pretty much everyone there is to beat. But that is where I step in.

    Joey Bryant vs. Alias Antonio III at the Royal Rumble. Rubber match. No bullshit, Hell In A Cell stip, what do you say? I know it's a bit far away, but equally, I know how things are going to pan out for the rest of the year. We'll both be fresh and ready to go at it once again, one final time.

    And there is nothing IWT and it's upper echelon of corruption can do about it. Try holding me down again and you'll see what happens.

    *Alias walks to the outside, crowd thinking he's done, but suddenly he grabs a can of spraypaint and enters the ring again.*

    Oh, did I forget one thing?

    *Alias, to the shock of the crowd, spraypaints the letters FSW in the middle of the canvas, garnering a huge reaction.*

    I'll be doing this for FS fucking W.

    *Alias walks out of the ring and heads to the back, still limping, as Summerslam comes to an end.*

    OOC: don't get bamboozled.
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  2. I don't hold any power against Trip. Also, I like(d) you more than DK because I've spoke to you more, your promo wasn't as good. Simple as that.

    No thanks.
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  3. Sumbody be scerred.
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  4. Oh, so you don't wanna match? Gotta keep that win-loss record impeccable of course, beating Adam was enough for you.
  5. Nope I don't want a match. LOL like even I could count that as a victory.
  6. Adam/Jono happened? lol, thought both of them no-showed.
  7. On their first encounter yes, they had a second match which Jono won I think.
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  9. Because Adam no-show again, right?
  10. Adam showed up at our match, I won, stop taking the thread off topic.
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  11. Accept my challenge Jono
  12. Jono vs. THG would be really cool. Accept the match think about it, part timers always win.
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  13. I'm not going to change my mind.
  14. I don't find it that interesting. It's like Dynamite Kid v Teddy Long.
  16. I'd happily have him bury the roster...