Storyline After The Match: Chris Young speaks about his future.

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  1. *Chris Young is in the parking lot walking with Lilith and Ashley Young after Chris' match when an interviewer attempts to spot him.*

    Interviewer: Chris Though loss out there, do you have anything to say?

    *Chris Still in his ring gear and sporting a cold stare on his face like he has given up but at the same time wants to go on turns around and looks at the interviewer and back at his wife and sister who are at his sides.
    Chris Sighs and looks right at the camera.*

    Chris: Hell ****ING yeah I have something to say, We came here to be the best and this was my god damn night and that scumbag stole it from me!
    The place I was at before had a nutjob booking me in 8 man tag matches and gauntlet matches and never let me shine and then I come here and I was on a roll, We were on a roll and now I back at square flipping one and now what?I get less time and now no one will face either one of these great women in that ring and I bet you on my soul we'll be the best trio in this place.
    We will be more appreciated here I was a part of The Alliance in Japan and now we're going to have some backup here in IWT, Who well we can't tell you, But I will say this hey booker put us all on the card.
    It's all just amazing and you will see everything we have in store.

    *Chris Pushes the microphone into the chest of the interview and Chris walks over to his car and enters as the camera goes back to Ashley and Lilith Young.*

    Interviewer: Well, Ladies anything to add?

    Lilith: Look lad we are not joking around we are going to leave a mark in this place and everyone will show us respect and appreciate us for our raw talent so I'm calling out anyone for a match and to show everyone the Black Rose is here to stay.

    *Lilith Picks up her bag and leaves and only leaving Ashley Young as the microphone is put in front of her.*

    Ashley: Well what? You got your interview so piss off.

    *Ashley Joins Chris and Lilith and the car speeds off in a haste leaving the inter dumbfounded.*
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