Kayfabe After the Match - Rhys Haze vs. Victor Sokolov.

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    *It's the end of a gruelling steel cage match between Victor Sokolov and Rhys Haze, Victor has just pinned Haze after hitting him with the "Hellblade." Victor slowly gets to his feet as the steel cage begins to rise, after the steel cage has fully risen, Victor goes outside of the ring and grabs the microphone and climbs back in, sitting down by the fallen Rhys Haze.*

    Victor: How unfortunate... it seems the little hero couldn't get the job done. You've tried for weeks to put me down and pin me to the mat, all unsuccessful. *Rhys attempts to get up put Victor punches him in the back of the head putting him down once again.* Don't get up... stay down little hero. You are pathetic... weak... and a disgrace to this business, you hear me!
    You think your all hot shit because you have that piece of crap known as Will Neilson as your tag partner and best friend... snap out of it! Now listen to me...
    *Victor raises Rhys's head and stares directly into his eyes.* No one can save you now... all you are is a little puppet controlled by this stupid crowd. I destroyed Will Neilson, I destroyed Jack Rouge, I destroyed Anthony Sharpe, I destroyed Chris Young... and not only have I destroyed you once... I've done it twice! You still got a trick up your sleeve? I would love to hear it...

    *Unknown theme music echoes around the arena, the crowd are as confused as Victor. He looks round and shouts something that the camera doesn't pick up, after 30 seconds or so no one emerges from the curtain. Victor starts to laugh. He picks Rhys up one more time and hits him with a "Devil's Knee" he gets out of the ring and walks backstage. The camera fades to black.



    As you can see the segment has changed, simply because I didn't feel like bringing back a Will Neilson now. Would be too confusing.

    Sorry for the earlier segment.