After Two Long Years: Joseph Park Has Found His Brother, Abyss

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. What started in the February of 2012, finally ended two years later in February 2014.


    What we all knew: Joseph Park is Abyss.

    Basically, the thread is about your opinion on the entire storyline. Did you like how it played out? Was it too slow etc? Satisfied with the reveal?

    Personally, this storyline should've been ended in later 2012, whic IMO means this has been dragged out for over a year completely unneccesary (thanks for that Pritchard & Lagana).

    I liked the premise behind it, and I liked Joseph Park as a character for so long, but later he just became boring and dull.

    Glad it's finally over. Hope Parks stays this way in this classic Abyss outfit and wrestles that way, looks dope.
  2. In my personal opinion, I really enjoyed the storyline even if it was drawn out for way too long. I think the way it ended was genius, and it should be interesting to see what's in store next week. Much to Parks credit, he played the character pretty damn well for what he had to work with. He provided some nice comedic relief every now and then, and although we didn't see much wrestling out of him, he was still fun to watch in my opinion. I am happy it ended, good payoff, maybe it could've ended sooner, but hey, we got the damn road trip videos, and those were entertaining as hell, so alls well.
  3. I thought it was an excellent storyline that was dragged out way too long - like Nero said, Park was fantastic and I enjoyed seeing him on the TV screen and I just hope that we get a fusion between Park and Abyss now - not fully Abyss.