Storyline After Uprising

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  1. “And your winner is…Alias Antonio!” The crowd is a mixture of cheers and boos as Alias’ hand is held up by the official. The last match of Uprising is now complete with a declared winner.

    The titantron cuts to the men’s locker room where Victoria stumbles out holding a bottle of scotch. Wearing skinny jeans, a black tank top and black high top Converse, Victoria’s eyes still have dark circles under them with her hair disheveled around her face. Around her waist appears to be a replica of the IWT Championship. Victoria giggles slightly as she stumbles and catches herself before she falls face first on the floor. She looks at the bottle and shakes it slightly before walking down the hall. “I’m sure Aids won’t miss his bottle of scotch. I-I will drink every last drop.” Victoria walks unevenly down the hall until she makes her way onto the stage.

    Victoria is greeted with many boos as she waves her hand at the crowd, disregarding their displeasure. “Oooh, shut the hell up! Y-you’re going to give me a headache. That is no way to treat your IWT Champion. I’ve been holding on to this belt forever and you might as well get used to it.”

    Victoria takes another big drink of the scotch before speaking again, her words very slurred. “I’m-I’m not quite sure how many pills I took this morning, or what drink it was, but I sure feel good. But enough about that…I’m out here to grace you with my presence. Some of you think I’m crazy and too unpredictable *hiccups*, but that’s what made me IWT Champion! You need me!” Victoria laughs uncontrollably for several minutes before she speaks again. “But…don’t you worry mindless members of the IWT Universe, I-I’m…fully capable of wrestling tonight and defending my title. Bring anyone out here! I can wrestle and beat anyone even with my…my arms tied behind my back.”

    Victoria starts to stumble down the ramp, with a look of disbelief on many people’s faces as she walks over to the bell. She grabs the gavel roughly from the staff member and starts to ring the bell repeatedly. “I’M READY!” Victoria starts to giggle repeatedly with a “crazy” chant breaking out loudly in the crowd. “Helloooo, I’m waiting! Where’s my opponent? Creative should know not to keep me waiting. I-I might harm someone if I don’t get what I want.” Victoria pulls a pocket knife out of her pocket and attempts to twirl it in her hands but ends up dropping it on the floor. She stumbles as she tries to pick it up and decides to stop trying as she starts to feel lightheaded. “Whatever, I don’t need some stupid knife. J-just get someone out here before I fall asleep.” Victoria sits in a chair next to the announce table, places the bottle of scotch next to her, and rests her head on her arms as her eyes start to close.

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  2. *All of a sudden Andrew's theme and titantron air*

    *Andrew emerges from the curtain and he stands there looking at Victoria for a moment before making his way over to her*

    *Andrew picks up the motionless Victoria and looks at the announcers*
    Andrew: "Everything is going to be ok."

    *Andrew carries Victoria up the stage and out to the arena's parking lot. He proceeds to put her in his car and gets in the driver's seat.*
    *Andrew drives off with Victoria and the screen fades*

    *A little while later the cameras catch up with the two, they see Andrew taking Victoria inside an apartment complex.*
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  4. Victoria slowly comes to, her eyes squinting as she slowly adjusts to the light in the room. Her eyes slowly flutter open as she starts to look around her. The apartment doesn't look familiar to her, as the decor in the room isn't of her own home. Victoria sits up more in the bed and sees Andrew sitting at the edge of the bed. As it starts to register in her mind that she's in a new place with a guy she can't recognize, Victoria quickly tries to stand up and get out of the bed.

    Victoria: Who the hell are you? How did you get me here?

    Victoria starts to feel lightheaded as the effects of the drugs and alcohol are still affecting her system. She stumbles and falls to her knees. Victoria catches her breath as she decides to sit down with her back to the bed. She holds her head with her hand as her head starts to throb, starting to feel a headache coming on. As she's holding her head, Victoria looks down and notices the fake replica belt around her waist. As her cheeks start to get red with embarrassment, Victoria quickly unbuckles it and throws it across the room.

    Victoria: Look man, I don't know what happened or what I said for you to bring me here, but it has to be some kind of misunderstanding. I don't get along with anyone...and I mean let's just forget this ever happened and I can get myself back home.
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  5. Andrew: Yeah, sorry about the inconvenience. I would've taken you to your place had I known where you live, you sortof passed out back at the arena after Uprising. So, I figured I would bring you here to rest up. Are you hungry? I could go get you something to help you sober up. Look, nothing happened between us so you don't need to worry about that. You still look pretty bad so if you want to go back to sleep I'll be out in the living room, I'll tell you what happened in the morning. My name is Andrew by the way and I'm not just anyone, I'm one of the people you're supposed to face at 'Mania.
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  7. Victoria blinked slowly at Andrew a few times, unaccustomed to someone speaking and referring to her in a kind manner. She looked at him questionably for a moment wondering if he was someone she could trust, but in her current predicament she didn't have much of a choice. She hadn't seen her appearance yet, but based on how she felt, she was in no condition to leave. Trying to recover a bit, Victoria simply nodded and looked away for a moment displaying no weakness in her voice.

    Victoria: Yeah, I'm starving. I don't know what kind of food is in this bachelor pad, but hopefully there's something worth eating or drinking. I won't keep my hopes up though.

    Victoria runs her hands over her hair, trying to flatten out the frizzed mess on her head. Starting to feel a bit self conscious, Victoria took a deep breath and looked at Andrew with the conviction people are typically used to seeing from her.

    Victoria: Andrew...yeah, that name sounds familiar. And, as I recall, this won't be our first match either. I took the World Heavyweight Championship away from you when we had the unification match. That almost feels like a lifetime ago but I'm sure my expertise will carry me to victory once again. But Andrew, there's one thing I'm having trouble understanding.

    Victoria lifts herself up and sits back down on his bed, this time unable to look at him. Her voice softens just slightly enough to notice the difference.

    Victoria: I don't know what happened last night, and frankly I can't recall a lot of my actions over the past month. All I know is no one ever wants to be near me, much less help me. Frankly, I've gone out of my way to make it that way. People tend to make things complicated when a decision can be very simple. So...why did you make the very complicated decision to bring the psychopathic, evil Victoria Parker into your home? Aren't you afraid I'll slit your throat?
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  8. *Andrew leaves the room and returns minutes later with a bowl of soup and a glass of water, he hands them to Victoria and sits on the edge of the bed*
    Andrew: I figured some soup would be best given your current state, I hope it's ok. Yeah, that sure does feel like a lifetime ago. Back then I was running around with Kid and I thought I could persuade my way to the top instead of actually try. I'm glad that's all in the past though.

    *Andrew pauses for a moment and looks down at his hands before continuing*
    Andrew: When I look at you I don't see a killer, I don't see an evil person. I just see someone who's troubled and could use a friend. I was thinking that if I were in your position I'd want somebody to help me out which is why I did what I did. I don't believe that you're a bad person, you've just been going through some tough times. You can get past it though. After tonight you may not ever want to talk again and I'll be fine with that, but if you ever need someone to talk to you know where to find me.

    *Andrew looks up at Victoria and gives her a reassuring look*
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  9. :joey:...Whatcha say.....bitch
  10. Victoria takes a few bites of the warm soup, feeling a bit better than when she came in. Victoria shudders slightly at hearing Dat Kid's name. She shakes her head realizing her and Andrew might have more in common than she ever thought.

    Victoria: *laughs slightly* Yeah, Dat KId has a way of making you believe that anything is possible. He wraps you up in his web, and pretty soon you're forgetting who you really are. Now he's more delusional than me and thinks he's God himself. That itself proves that a lot of time has past since then. Everyone and everything is so different, especially me.

    Victoria watches Andrew speak but can't quite believe his words. Every instinct inside of her has her body tensing up and looking for any reason to take him out with any weapon in site or with a wrestling move or two. Victoria feels herself start to panic, her breathing starts to quicken as she feels the need to defend herself. She puts the bowl of soup on the end table next to the bed and leans with her back to the headboard, feeling her temper start to get the better of her. Her voice starts to rise as she shouts a bit at him.

    Victoria: Everyone...EVERYONE has an opinion on who I am. First it was the doctors! Oh, Victoria Parker is mentally unstable and incapable of participating in matches AND is a danger to everyone around her. Let's lock her up and make her feel like an even bigger outcast...oh, and even better! Let's alienate her that much more and put her in a straightjacket, practically begging her to find a way out. Even you have an opinion on me and you don't know a damn thing about me. YOU DON'T THINK I'M EVIL? I've KILLED AND TORTURED PEOPLE, watched their feeble bodies wrench in pain and even go up in flames. I knew exactly what I was doing and why it would be wrong, and I just didn't give a damn about ANYONE! How doesn't that make me an evil person? WHY WOULD YOU EVER HELP SOMEONE LIKE ME?

    Several tears roll down Victoria's cheeks as she's screaming at Andrew. Victoria's eyes widen with shock as she quickly wipes them dry and turns away from Andrew so he can't see her. She clears her throat and tries her best to regain her composure.

    Victoria: I-I don't know what just happened.
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  11. *Andrew thinks about leaving for a second, but decides to stay*
    Andrew: Listen, we've all made some bad decisions. Some are worse than others, but it doesn't matter. You can't change the past. It may be hard, but in order to move on you need to let go of the things you did. The reason I want to help you is because I've seen some of the things you had to go through and like I said, I wouldn't want to be alone if I were in your shoes. I want to help you get past this. And no, I'm not talking about the kinda help that places you back in an asylum. That won't happen, I promise. I don't know how I can help, but I'd give it my best if you were willing to accept.

    *Andrew leans over and tries to comfort Victoria*
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  12. Victoria looks at Andrew in disbelief for a moment before she turns away. Not wanting to look vulnerable and weak in front of him, Victoria sits herself up more on the bed and simply nods at him. Despite wanting to maintain her composure, it's still clear in her body language that she has relaxed quite a bit since she first arrived.

    Victoria: It's your decision if you want to help me. I just hope you realize I'm not some charity case. I've taken care of myself my entire life and I'll keep doing it with or without you. Also, don't have any positive expectations about how I may treat you. If you've paid any attention to me over the past year, you'll know my partnerships and 'friendships' have never ended well. If you still want to be around me despite all of this I can't stop you. All of this will be very new for me.
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  13. OOC: My scotch! This thread is what I imagine is what people view as the boring parts of 50 shades of gray.
  14. Artist scratches his head, and says "VP actually giving a fuck?" He starts crying and says to the nearest guy to him *Aids* gotta get people talkin about yo dick! It's starting to lose overness! He them gets a beer bottle and smashes it over his head as Big Jizz carries him away.