Storyline After VICE #10 Slate V. Blitz

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    That was it. My shoulders were on the mat for three seconds. My debut match. I had so much hope. But in the end I was defeated. By Slate Bass. Of all men.

    A camera pans upwards to a heart broken Brad Blitz sitting inside of a locker room watching the TV monitor. On the monitor is Blitz V. Bass.

    Blitz: I sit here before you today an unhappy man, a broken man, and a annoyed man. I lost my first match in IWT to a man that thinks of himself as a pimp. A PIMP. A man that has spent all his life calling people daddy and jack. I’m bruised from the match both mentally and physically, Slate Bass took me for a ride to say the least. But in the process of him taking me to the limit I know that I took him to the limit also. I put my heart and soul into that match.

    Blitz gets up from his chair and turns the TV off, his face looks more optimistic now but in his eyes you can see a certain rage.

    Blitz: I stand here before you a optimistic man. Sure I lost my debut match this week but in two weeks time I am set to get my revenge. You can believe that I will be gunning for Slate’s throat in our tag match. I’ve learn all your moves Mr. Bass. You can be sure that I will be watching the tapes. That small brain of yours can’t be holding much more than what you showed me. You say you don’t like dealing with failure, well in two weeks time, you better start getting use to it because me and Arno are walking into the Revival Tag Tourney beating both your so called “Dublin’ The Fucks” asses. I will make sure that the both of you will not win these titles. I will break your arms, break your legs, break your spines, and breaks your necks just so you can’t win this tourney.

    Blitz heads towards the door and leaves the room before slamming the door behind him. The camera feed cuts dark. A message appears.

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