After Victoria Parker vs Farooq

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  1. Taylor Hughes: Victoria wins! All hail the queen of the IWT!

    El Nino: Yeah, but you gotta believe that Farooq put his best effort into that match, he did an incredible job.

    TH: Yeah well that's nice and all, no X-Division midcard loser is going to beat the IWT Champ, whether he is the X-Dvision champ or not. This one was a no brainer for Victoria.

    EN: I wouldn't say that. This has to be Farooq's best performance yet and Parker isn't actually standing up to with her hand raised. She looks pretty hurt as the ref checks up on her in the corner.

    TH: She's just trying to make Farooq look good. He's a shit wrestler and we all know it. Victoria is just nice enough to give him that honor of looking strong.

    EN: I don't think so Hughes, she's clutching on to her ribs and Farooq did hit that area a couple times in this match.
  2. As they finish their commentary, a pyro blast hits and Aids Theme hits.

    The crowd goes Wild, in anticipation for Aids Johnson to come out, as Victoria Parker looks out, at the titantron, a sour look on her face.

    TH: is this what we have been waiting for? The champ is cashin in!?
    EN: That moron has no chance, even with the real champion down and out, he will job.
    TH: This is what the briefcase is for, time to see if victoria can go two for two!

    Aids walks out, laughing, and stopping to hold the briefcase up for the fans. He shouts out "The Great One is here! My time is now" to the camera, and as he starts to walk down the arena, the lights dim, leaving anticipation with every fan in the arena, assuming Aids dimmed the lights in order to get a jump attack on Victoria Parker.
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  3. (you would use like the one music video that has nudity lol)

  4. -----

    *Suddenly the music changes, playing the Incognito theme around the arena. The lights remain dark, but you see glimpses of light appear among the crowd. Within those glimpses of light, you see darkened figures with their hoods over their faces. They wear long robes and are walking slowly towards the ring*

    TN: "What the... It's Incognito! We've not seen him in weeks!"
    EN: "W-w-what does he want? What the fuck is going on?"

    *You hear the microphones get ripped away from the commentators. The lights begin to focus on the 10 hooded figures wearing black robes around the arena. They walk towards the ring where Aids Johnson is attempting his cash in.*

    *The lights yet again go out, but the music is still playing. Suddenly, you hear very quiet brawling noises around the ring. After 2 minutes, the lights appear again, and Aids Johnson is seen laying on the floor with blood pouring from his face. The music then turns off, and the hooded figures are not seen.*

    The early bird gets the worm, but what happens if said bird is a moronic imbecile who lacks the very common sense required to be a lethal predator? Your nonsensical thought-process didn't see this coming. You think one like myself would allow you to cash in your opportunity on a wounded champion, when you have the toughest challenge ahead of you? You should not have diverted your focus on other schemes, Aids. I told you I am the most formidable being in this establishment, and I promise you that you're going to fall beneath my wrath.

    Victoria, if you even strive to think I somehow did you a favour, I will rip that championship from around your fragile waist faster than you can attempt to thank me. You're next.

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  5. Crowd chants: Cray-berg! Cray-berg! Cray-berg!
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  6. OOC: dno hu da fuk crayberg is
  7. OOC: Seriously, i've never been so excited to watch my own ass get kicked. Great promo, as always.