Storyline Aftermath of FTJ/Farooq

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  1. Music plays as Farooq climbs the Hell in a Cell. He raises his Hardcore championship and points at the Wrestlemania titantron as fireworks go off. "Give me a fucking mic." Farooq said as the announcer tosses him a microphone.

    "Was this really worthy of a Wrestlemania match? A squash match? This was a waste of time for me, and a waste of time for you all, the fans." Farooq said as he paced back and forth with the title on his shoulder. "Tonight, I said what I was going to do, beat FTJ and move on. He's done. I beat him, he has nothing else to say to me that can justify this lost." Farooq said as he sat on the center of the cage on top. "Now time for IWT to move on...well not really. You see, I only have one goal left, and that's the IWT championship. I could care less who walks out tonight as champion, Aids, Bruce or even Joey. I don't give a damn which of you three walk out, because you're not only walking out with a championship, you're walking out with a target." Farooq says as he stands up. "And I'm the one holding the gun." He says as he chuckles and spreads his hands out. "Enjoy the IWT title, to whoever wins it, because afterwards I'm going to rip it from your hands and bury you the same place I put Frank the Jock. In a construction site, with cement." He says as he drops the belt, and climbs down the cage. He walks up to the ramp and stops. He raises the championship one more time as loud pop and Thank You Farooq chants start up. The screen fades to black with Farooq still seen.
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