Storyline Aiden Ryan After MITB

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  1. "Aiden Ryan, you were predicted as one of the first men to leave the match and now look at you, you turned heads, you delivered and even though you came out on the losing end tonight, you must be feeling so proud of yourself as well as the entire IWT locker room is. "

    Alex Riley enthuses as Aiden nods.

    "Do you have anything to say, anything to say at all!?"

    Brushing his fringe back he takes the microphone from Alex Riley.

    "Heh.. What is there to say? There's plenty to say but I won't keep you waiting afterall you're going to have to console Justin Magnus as i'm sure his precious dreams have been crushed. "

    Aiden holds his index finger up and nods.

    "I went out there and I proved those doubters wrong, I gave the top two wrestlers in the X division a run for their money and it almost got me to the finals... But that's not good enough. You see I may have lost tonight but one thing's for sure, This is not the end of my reign. I will take on every single challenger in this division until I standing upon it as i rightfully should be. "

    Aiden finishes his sentence with a croak in his voice

    "You see people have this misconception of me that I am unstable, I am not unstable not in the slightest. I am the bringer of something grand, something extraordinary. You see, I am here to put a stop to this corrupted socialism that we call "Entertainment.". Where we watch people bitch and moan about wanting to hit the other opposing player in a match of chess, but instead of doing it they just run their mouths because deep down inside they know if they were to hit... They'd get hit back."

    Aiden draws a tear down his cheek.

    "And one thing's for sure, if you say you're going to hit me... Well. You best make that hit count, because when I'm through with this division.. heh... there's not going to be a one...two... three. No... instead you're going to hear the words
    "911, Whats your emergency?"
    Heh... and as soon as they arrive... it'll be too late. your innocence will be your demise, and your confidence will perish as I stand over you ending your career with gold in hand, glory around me, and a beam of light shining down upon me because I am the prince of dark despair and there isn't a candle to be held to my greatness. "

    "Uh.. uhm.. thank you, aiden fo..for that... for your time."

    "Is there anything else you wanna ask me?"
    Aiden Perks with his hands infront of him.

    "N..No I think i'm going to go find Justin Magnus for now, but thank you."

    "No worries, Bye!"
    Aiden does a peace sign with his hand and walks away in a bubbly attitude.
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