Storyline Aiden Ryan Speaks On He's Loss/The Order/And Past.

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    Renee Young is shown on the titantron.

    "Ladies and Gentleman, The X Divison as of late has been on fire and without a doubt all talent deserves a pat on the back. One man in particular has been turning heads as he recently got he's initiation via The Order and ever since then has proven he's dominant streak, My guest at the time is the poetic prince himself, Aiden Ryan."

    The camera shifts over to Aiden Ryan who enters into the camera frame with a rose, He hands the rose to Renee and nods getting quite the soft reaction from the fans.

    "Good Evening, Ms Young." Aiden Responds rubbing he's irritated neck.

    "Why Thank you, Aiden. I apperecite it, however for someone who has just lost a chance to compete for the X Division championship you seem to be alot more positive then others would imagine, Care to comment on it?"

    "Well Yes and No. I am rather disappointed that i didn't get to advanced in this tournament, I worked my ass off for it and it just didn't pay off this time But that doesn't particularly mean I won't be there again, I've been so close to that championship that... I could almost take a smell of it. I could almost taste it. I was at mania competing for that championship and in this tournament chasing that championship. There is no doubt that I will be a champion but whenever there is a block in the way it's just another sign. Another sign for me to prove to that locker room that I am not an after-thought. If I have to rip the heart out of every single competitor in this division to prove that I am worthy of being crowned a champion then I will. "

    Renee Stands there with a blank look on her face.

    "Anyone other questions, fair lady?" Aiden Responds moving Renee's hair to the side.

    "Uhm... Yes. Why did you raise DRAGON Michinoku's hand after your match with him?" She responds in a nervous manner.

    "Because he deserved it. He left he's honor at the doorstep and proved to me that he can be as ruthless as he pleases. I entered the Dragon's Den with no fear, but I came out the losing end. That is enough to tell you that man deserves to have he's hand raised after every match he compete's in. I respect him. He back's up what he believes and he has no problem shoving that down your throat. "

    Renee nod's "One More Question before you leave, What is your relationship with Trip In The Head & Marcus Anthony? " She asks..

    "For the past month I had no one, No one to help me, No one to be there for me. The doctors who claimed to be helpful would only beat me up, shock me, hit me with metal pipes. Jump me when i wasn't looking. And i sit there and think "How could they? How could they say they care about my well being and my mental stability, but yet use treatment to destroy my mind even more?" In the ring I would assume they had seen enough of me being jumped so they saved me and in return i gave them my loyalty. They are the only one's who had stepped up, They didn't even have to say one word to me but I knew what they were saying to me."

    Aiden Replies in a softer voice.

    "And what exactly was it that you heard from their actions?" Renee responds feeling for Aiden.

    "The Doctors won't hurt you anymore. " Aiden responds with a croak in he's voice.

    Aiden walks away from the interview section as the camera fades.
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