Aiden Ryan Talks Uprising

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  1. Josh Matthew is shown on the screen.

    "Ladies and Gentleman, You heard from Trevor Raynor but now let's hear from his opponent. Please welcome my guest at this time, Aiden Ryan. "

    Aiden Ryan appears on the screen wearing a bandanna around his forehead, an ACDC T shirt, and ripped jeans.

    "Aiden, You stated something earlier this week that was directed at the X Division. In many ways you degraded the X Division, but only one man answered that message. Take a look."

    An IWT Sweeps across the screen as Trevor Raynor is shown on the screen.

    The IWT logo sweeps back as Aiden smiles brightly


    "Well, Josh. You know what they say about curiosity. It kills the cat so let Trevor be curious about what it is I will do if he dares to skip ahead. the fact of the matter is there is not a man in this X division locker room who could hold a candle to the success I've made. I made this division relevant again. Tell me, Josh. What was our X Division champion doing before Money In The Bank? Where was the momentum that this division had in February?"

    "I..I don.."

    "Exactly, We don't know. Ever since Alias Antonio cashed in at mania, this division has been dead. And now it's our chance to show that this division isn't dead, but the question isn't who will keep this division alive? the question is, How will Aiden Ryan work this division next? I've already beaten Justin Magnus and the other men... heh. I haven't even heard of them. They're non - factors. "

    He shakes his head with a smile.

    "If this is truly an X division, why am I holding it?"

    "So do you have a return message to Trevor Raynor?"

    "You have guts and i commend you on that, however. Come uprising, I am going to beat that pride right out of your body. This is my division now."

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