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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Aiden Ryan(@Butters! ) vs Lee(@Ovalhead Le Jobber )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit to the number of promos you can post.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the posting time limit has expired.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. Entrance (open)

    Aiden Ryan comes out from the curtain, looking around all he see's is an empty ring with his dreams awaiting ahead. Walking down the rampway he ignores all fans reaching their hands out and slides underneath the bottom rope.

    Gaining his footing he runs over to retrieve a microphone.

    "Oh how deplorable our last encounter was, really. Now it would be unlike me to once again preach about what is rightfully mine, but we all know what is rightfully mine and Lee after you left me high and dry during our contract signing, I had some time to think and i've come to the conclusion of why you weren't present that day... either you do not care for the championship that we are both chasing or you are falling into that stereotype that is now proving to be reality, Just like Trevor and Jwab, you are proving to be more phony week after week... Where were you two months ago? Whilst i was gaining contendership after contendership you were just putting on single matches and where has it gotten you? WHERE LEE!? Oh that's right, underneath me. just like every single X Division Talent to walk into this dump. And what's going to change today? Nothing! The only thing that's going to change is me conquering this damn contendership and going on to finish what i started. "

    "I'm so damn sick and tired of people all of a sudden caring about this division, Like people give a rats ass about who is champion here, I AM the only one who has been caring for this and you know what It's really starting piss me the fuck off how now when i'm on my way to success roadblocks such as you are in the way. You've had your time, you've had your chance and it's NOT happening again. Why is that? Because it's time for change, It's time we step out of this same talent gaining the same championships and move on to the newer stars. NEWER success. Without me there wouldn't be a whole lot left.."

    "WIthout me there would be no more X Division! I've stood my ground week after week and i've held this division strong without a championship around my damn waist. I'm a leader, a warrior, and me standing alone and holding that talent together is enough to prove what i am truly deserving of. So you can come out here, tell me how much you respect me again but i am not here for anyone's respect, I'm here to lead, get beside me or behind me because just like i told Trevor Raynor... It will be a cold day in hell before i let undeserving talents like yourself overide the only talent who has put his blood, sweat, and tears into this. It's time for a change, and i am THAT change."

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  3. *Lee comes out clicking his fingers as the N.W.A start firing into the sky with AK 47's. Lee fists bumps all of them and strolls down to the ring.*

    Lee: Wassssssssssup my homies!

    *Sections of the crowd chant back "wasssssup Lee!"

    Lee: Thanks for the love playas, I'll repay your love by proving you right....Tonight! Because, pecker headed idiots be tweeting me like "Aiden's 2 legit 2 quit" and I'm like..... "Aiden's 2 much of a bitch 2 win!" . Well, against me, Lee at "lee"st. *You can hear a ba-dum-tss beat being played through the tannoy* Sorry Ryan, I meant to give your pasty baby ass a visit but I had more attractive females than you to pay my attentions to. *A member in the crowd mutters "Victoria Parker"* Well.... there's a reason VP also stands for Vaginal Pussay. *Lee winks at the guy in the crowd and gives him a air fist bump.*

    Listen sugartits, I could have came to the contract signing but the dealio is this doesn't need a contract signing, by this point, Trevor's out of the picture, this is just a simple 1 on 1 qualification match for the mid-card gold! You can try every trick in the book to make this match seem the most important on the card but at the end of the you're just disturbing the way of nature...When, emphasis WHEN I beat you tonight, if Jwab wants a contract signing for the ACTUAL TITLE MATCH then sure, if the fans need me to be a witness to the confirmation of said match then I'm happy to present myself to these DENCH paying fans, to sign that contract to confirm myself as as part of a tasty match-up!

    Under me, Lee?? Once again, Listen tuts, you may have upped your game over the summer, but don't let that mess with your wack-ass senses. I've won gold in so many places, so much gold and just because you have some momentum to that wiffy lil' name o yours doesn't mean you're suddenly superior to me. I may not be on the same level I was in the first quarter of 2K14, I grant your butt that, but this is just a detour. I take your name tonight and I take Mr.D-lists gold....Then I just defend that belt 5 times and I'm on the brink an all-time high. The X-Division belt sucka, yeahhh, X marks the spot, the spot where I make myself a main-eventer!!

    For someone who has been so
    "loyal" to the division, it's a shame that time after time the Gods haven't answered your whines and cries, but that's because you don't just get the reward for doing good. No one is guaranteed a single ting in this World Aiden and you better get that in your stubborn lil' head!!!

    Ya know what Aiden? I thought I respected you, but really, I don't think I do annnnd I DEFINITELY don't need to, I respect the fact that for the longest time you were just a bitch and now you're finally no longer on bitch status...BUT THAT DON'T MEAN SHIT BECAUSE YOU CERTAINLY AIN'T ON LEE STATUS!!!!!
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  4. Aiden Ryan tilts his head sideways and gives Lee a slight smirk, walking towards him slowly he clenches his fist and stands face to face with him, he then clenches his fist and his smirk fades to a frown.

    "A Bitch? A BITCH!? This BITCH that you referrer to is a legitimate threat to your contendership, at night of champions both you and trevor stated you respected me, both of you men... unwanted washed up pathetic excuses of men felt honored to be in that same ring as me and i made sure that no matter what i walked out of night of champions victorious. Sure it may have been the cheapest way to do it but look at me, this STATUS of yours, someone is on it, and this someone is going to push you off this pedastool and watch you AND your precious little dreams go to waste because it will be a cold day in hell before i let the likes of you... And let's get one thing straight before i continue onwards. I never stated i was loyal, I stated i was a leader. A leader to whom has given his all and proven his work and determination to this DIVISION. Where you? Well people like you just show up and get shit handed to them because they feel that because they've already had former success that they deserve everything handed to them on a gold plate. Lazy sack of shits. And whilst you say that we are not promised prizes in this WORLD... I look at you and see what a hypocrite you really are. "

    "And it's not only the fact that you are a hypocrite, but more so the fact that you feel that you've worked for something, worked for this, and deserve it? Which is laughable. You were handed that match where i have had to crawl and scratch and fuck people over to get what i deserve. I've learned to fend for myself and i don't need a stepping ladder to reach my goals. I don't need to worry about other talent's and where they have gone, I don't need to be concerned about your status... Because it means nothing to me, your respect that has suddenly been lost means nothing to me, everything you stand for means nothing to me, the only thing that matters to me is you standing in the way of something you and i both know is mine, not only is it mine but it's been mine since Money In The Bank... and just like Trevor it'll be one cold day in hell before i let you, or your fanbase who is more concerned about Victoria Parker stand in the way of it. "

    Aiden slowly lowers the microphone and reclenches his fist, digging his nails into his palm whilst breathing heavily. He looks up at Lee and tilts his back sideways once more giving his a sadistic stare with a smirk that only could be seen to be believed. ​
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    Lee: There's no denying it, you were just a jobber bitch when you started here, there's no spinning that kiddie. But I said you're no longer a bitch, if you werent so busy being being uptight like the insecure mug you are, then you'd not be so damn eager to go on the defence, because just like when the fight begins, your defensive attempts are delaying the moment i wipe your ass off the mat!

    I wanted to respect you and I still want to now, you've risen above the bitch status you were obviously on, but maybe if there weren't some remnants of your bitch days, you'd have beaten Jwab and actually be X-Division champion right now.......

    And ain't it a shame, Jwab already beat you and tossed you aside yet here you are, ready to right yo wrongs like it's as a simple as 2+2..... And hey, I admit, I may have twisted your words a bit, you didn't claim your loyalty, but you sure acted like your continuous role in the X-Division automatically made you entitle something, and that's perhaps the angle I was looking at.

    And it's a shame you play into all these stories about how all you need is grit and determination to get what you want. Sometimes, all the desire in the world won't get you the treasures you 'deserve'. Oh, and I didn't deserve it, I beat the, at the time, Mr. MITB to show I deserve SOMETHING. The least I earned was a path into the title scene. And wow......Thinking about, you had YOUR chance, you LOST to Jwab in the first place, and here you are with a second chance... Both you and Trevor already got beaten over the Summer but you petty ass fools came back with no where else to go, like a lad who prematurely ejaculated and gets kicked out the girls house...

    So fine, act like this is your time..... do what soothes the pain, but I ain't playing to your fairytale... I WILL BEAT YOU AND THEN WILL YOU STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM??? IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?? Actually, you can answer the question in the hospital!
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