Storyline Aiden Ryan's Muscle Magazine Shoot

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  1. Two Commentators are shown on camera.

    "What a blast we are having here at Old School Uprisng and the excitment still hasn't ended, We are now going to throw you over to Renee Young who has a very inside scoop on what is happening with Aiden Ryan."

    The Camera Shifts To Renne who receives a massive reaction from the audience.

    "Thank you, JR! Well what an exciting pay per view it was been thus far at Old School Uprising! And speaking of exciting we had the pleasurable return of Aiden Ryan the day before the pay per view! Aiden Ryan is one of the X Divisions most known wrestlers and by popular request on you guys wanted the inside scoop for Aiden Ryan's newest photoshoot. Let's check it out!"

    An IWT Logo slides across the titration as a video begins to play.

    "Where are we heading today, Aiden?"

    Aiden closes the door of his car and smiles.
    "Well, IWT was called up and they were wondering if there was a free wrestler willing to do a covershoot for Muscle Magazine."

    "Are you excited about it?" The cameraman asks as Aiden lifts his duffle bag.
    "Very! this is my first little promotion representing this company, pressure on but ain't nothing to a player!" Aiden laughs as they walk up to the front door. He opens the door for both the cameraman and himself and walks in to receive a greeting from the receptionist at the front desk. "Ah! Aiden Ryan! It's nice to meet you!"
    Aiden Smiles as the receptionist leads him to a waiting room.

    "I will go notify Jeremy and Chris that you have arrived!" The receptionist says as Aiden nods and takes a seat. "She's creepy, isn't she?" The Cameraman whispers as Aiden laughs.

    "It's really odd that they'd call you to do this after an injury, I mean you were just cleared, right?"
    The Cameraman asks as Aiden shrugs.
    "It is a little weird but they insisted I would do this. There's no other X Division Wrestler who would do this other then Harriet Vargas and she wasn't available. I'm a better choice however. "
    Aiden Laughs as the two men enter in.
    "Mr Ryan?Please step this way!"
    Jeremy points towards the room. Aiden walks his way into the room.
    "Okay, what we'll have you do is a couple shoots and then have you do an interview on how you got to where you are, what struggles you went through, talking about the stable you are in and plenty more. Is that okay with you? Do you need anything?"

    "A Drink would be nice. I drove for like five hours!" Aiden Laughs as he get's ready for the shoot.

    "A Cold Soda for Aiden Ryan, Please!" The photographer yells out as Aiden steps out with some equipment for the shoot.

    "Alright, We want to show a more strong version of you, Aiden. On the show you are so emotional and dark sided. So let's get those muscles showing!"

    The Receptionist walks in with a glass bottled cola.

    "Aiden?" "She" says as Aiden turns to have it smashed across his face. Aiden drops as the rest of the workers run in fear. some screaming in fright. Aiden is crouched down holding the side of his cheek which is bleeding.

    The Receptionist begins to peal off some latex skin from her face to reveal the face of his brother Parker. He removes his wig and laughs as lowers himself towards Aiden. "There's no escaping the pain I am about to put you through, The time I will perish destroying your inner soul. The sucess I will make as you are laying in a bed crippled, Mark my words, Aiden!"

    Aiden looks up with blood gushing down his cheek. "Bastard!" He yells tackling Parker by his legs. He begins to hammer his fists down on Parker's Face as the production staff begin to panic.

    "Call The Police!"
    "Aiden Stop!"
    "Please! STOP AIDEN!"
    "What the fuck are you doing!?"

    Secrutiy rushes in and excessively removes Aiden off Parker.

    "Cut The Camera Off! CUT IT!"
    People yell at the cameraman getting the footage.

    "Aiden No!"
    Scrutiny yells as Aiden gets loose and slams the photolights down on Parker's Body.

    The Camera Cuts off as screams are still being heard.

    The Sound suddenly stops as the commentators are now shown on screen.

    "Wow... Uhm... I really... wow....Coming up next we have a massive tag team match... "