Storyline Aids addresses his future with IWT

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  1. The lights flicker in the Arena, and a giant blast of pyro goes off for a solid 5 seconds before Aids music hits.

    The crowd immediately boo loudly, but it takes nearly the entire song...before Aids stumbles out, Title in hand. Aids slowly walks down to the Arena, while the fans boo loudly. His arms is in a sling, and because of that, Aids grabs a mic, AFTER setting the title on the corner turnbuckle before holding the mic up.

    The champ is here. *crowd boos* I know, i know. So many unanswered questions. Am i finally relevant again?

    You see, MrMidcard has to get through me to earn the new tag he so badly wants, the one he so badly needs. He thinks im scared, and that was why i cashed in. I think his exact words were "That aids wasnt sure he could beat me, so he cashed in and chose David to face me. I did so for a good reason.

    *Aids takes off his sling, and the crowd boos even more loudly.

    Victoria Parker, hurting me? The only one who hurts me, is me...and my liver deserves far more credit than some woman who held the title for me after i left this place high and dry. And now? Im back, and there is no one who can stop me.

    Not Anon, not the crusade, not victoria parker. Dat from Jersey kid is injured again, and hopefully he doesnt show back up, because people may hate me, but no one can take me out of the big game. Now get out here and grovel at my feet, because this gold, its mine *Aids walks over and stretches his arm for a second before holding up the title.

    (If this messes with storylines pm me and we can delete the thread. I can barely even get on the forums until i fix my laptop, which should be tomorrow)
  2. OOC: This is the original story and since you'll be here for NOC let's go as planned. Glad you can make it
  3. You dont have future
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  4. ooc you dont even have a past.
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