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    As the IWT comes back from commercial, the crowd is met with a gigantic blast of pyro, as the lights fade and smoke fills the entrance area.

    Aids walks out as the music starts to a huge pop, wearing a suit and tie. He fixes up his tie at the top of the ramp, before running down and sliding into the ring. Aids trades his bottle of scotch in for a mic with the ring assistant, before hitting both corners. The crowd continues to pop as Aids fixes his tie in the center of the ring, before looking up and around the arena, holding his mic up.

    This is a special night, because as the newest talent manager I give focus to what makes a true IWT competitor. During my reigns as IWT Champion, there was one thing you could always count on - activity, and that is what is truly wrong with the IWT universe today.

    Joey Bryant, Antonio Alias, and most importantly the new tag team champions have truly given definition to the term "dropping the ball." Either you pick up where you left off when you won your titles, or myself and Trip will gladly take the belts out from under you. You think you are above being active and giving the people what they want, and what the IWT needs? It's time for you to look in the mirror and see what kind of champions you are.

    If you think you are above the thought of contribution in order to keep the IWT more active, today is a sad day for all of us, because the first generation of champions knew that it was more than just a win to truly be called a champion. If no one is around to see you win, what is the point of being a champion? If you don't contribute to the next generation of stars, where will your place be held in history? Will people even remember the IWT after you step over the fresh dirt laid in the cemetery?

    In the next few days a few of us will be selecting the card, and if you are not active here, the card will not be giving you much of a chance. If Joey Bryant doesn't help the IWT out, what incentive will we have to keep him as the face of the company? If Antonio Alias keeps his silence, will we remove his belt out right from him?

    It's very simple, people, my retirement might change, but when I come back to the IWT there will not be a chance for you to defend your belts, no, it will be to grab that belt from around your waist and send you to the back of the line. We see who is active and who give's 0 fucks about the big picture while the new members of IWT are forgotten, and that is the issue. If you want to flounder around with a belt there are other feds meant for you...but if you want to be champion the work only has just begun when you are a true champion. Pick up the ball before it is stolen from you, because there are plenty of people new and old who would be glad to be in your position.

    You aren't a champion unless you draw, and 5 people interested in your match means nothing when just a few months ago i drew 30. You want to be compared to the greatest champion of all time? You get only a few votes, it only puts you in position to shine my boots. Everyone hated on Joey Bryants loss at Wrestlemania, but where is he today? Did you take a month off? Where is Alias. Is he a champion? Or should we remove his belt in favor of the European title. At least there we know people are going to contribute.

    Choose your decision wisely, because while there are other places waiting for you, this one was built on champions who made people want to be here. You might win gold somewhere else, but you will never be remembered in a 2nd rate company for being it's greatest champion. People only remember the one's who earned their attention. Decide soon, because your replacement is waiting outside the door.
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  2. Where's a sleeping Kaizer when you need it
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  3. *Aids points up at the ramp when he says "your replacement is waiting outside the door" and the titantron lights up*

    *Trip in the Head makes his way down to the ring in an amazing suit that fits him perfectly. He non-nonchalantly meanders down to the ring and climbs up onto the side of the ring, ducking through the ropes and taking up a spot next to Aids, who hands him the mic*

    TRIP: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. As you heard from my talent manager here, we are wondering what the HELL is going on around here. I'm pretty sure we have a WHC belt and an IWT belt, but I have yet to see the fools holding these belts anywhere around here lately. Well, I take that back for a second. I did see Joey Bryant come out here and change the look of the IWT belt........MY company's belt..........and I was never even consulted on this change. So is that what Joey Bryant is now? The guy who thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants and not have to pay for it? Now, I thought it was cute how he has the letters on the belt for "The New Age", but in Joey's situation I think those letters stand for "Talking Nonsense Asshole". *Trip glances at Aids who chuckles and takes a swig off his bottle* Watch your ass Joey. I got you in my sights now boy.

    *Trip takes a few steps around the ring to listen to the JOEY BRYANT chants that start up before continuing*

    TRIP: So who is next? Hmmmm, oh yes, my tag team partner and leader of the greatest faction in IWT has returned - Marcus Anthony ladies and gentlemen! *the crowd erupts in a mixed reaction* Marcus has finally returned from his hiatus - and I can tell you he is hungry. Everyone knows we are technically owed a rematch for the tag team titles, but something tells me that won't be happening. We've got bigger and better things ahead of us now. And speaking of the tag team champs - where the hell have those guys been? Spinzz didn't even wrestle with his teammate at OSU. AND his teammate, Andrew, lost to Chris Kaizer in singles action. Then POOF! They are gone. No "you were lucky" or "we'll see you next time". Nothing. Tucked your tails between your legs and hid. *Trip shakes his head* This shit better change soon. We have plenty of new guys looking to get their hands on any title they can find.

    TRIP: Oh and Manik? I hope you like livin la vida trabajador, because thats what you'll be doing until you prove to me you belong here at all. You are hanging by a thread sir. Oh you better win whatever stupid ass match I put you in or you can kiss your ass goodbye....again. *Trip shakes hands with Aids and is offered a haul from Aid's scotch, which he promptly accepts and throws back*

    TRIP: Look here IWT - I may not seem like a well and fair GM at this point, but believe me when I say this: I CARE about IWT. When it is does bad it reflects bad upon me. *Trip nudges Aids* And the same goes for this guy now as well. And we don't like looking bad. Nope. Not one bit. So shape up IWT, or you will get shipped the fuck out.

    *Trip drops the mic and laughs as he and Aids drink*
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  5. Her-zzzzz.....

    Kaizer sleeps
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  6. I'll tag you when I address the people who are only in the IWT to job.
  7. OOC: Wait, what? I've made like, at least one promo every week I'm not sure how much more you want out of me, damn.
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  8. Really your name was just used most because you are IWT champ. The point was more about people voting in other matches and threads, I know you are pretty damn active.
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  9. *As Trip and Aids share a drink, Alias makes his way to the ring with Cure by Metallica playing through the PA System, receiving a big pop, looking quite displeased after the words spouted by the authority. He makes no eye contact with the crowd, just Aids and Trip, raising his WHC and shouting "I'M HERE". After a few seconds of walking around ringside, Alias finally enters the ring and grabs a mic*

    So, I was hearing through the monitor backstage that you two goons want a more active champion in both me and Joey Bryant? Well I'll be glad to inform both of you that we can only do so much as CHAMPIONS when this joint is ran by two, self-centered, ego-filled bastards. You can make your claims about how you want to make IWT a better place but the fact of the matter is that this job is just a placeholder for Aids Johnson so he can keep up his self-proclaimed relevancy until he finds the right time to stab someone in the back and return into the mix of things. He'll probably stab Harriet's back, or even better, he'll probably stab yours Trip. And that's just the thing with Aids Johnson, when he's tired of playing with his little toy, he'll throw it in the trash and find a new one and from then it's just a repetitive cycle. As for Trip, he'll always be known as the second rate Order member, and the second rate General Manager.

    But anyway, I just went off on a rhetoric but things like these need to be adressed. Joey Bryant and I deserve what we have at our hands right now because we're that damn good and there's no way 2 phony GM's are taking everything we've worked for away from us. Fuck no.

    *Alias takes a deep breath*

    So you want an active champion, huh? You want a legitimate champion in your grasps? Well look no further. Since you guys never even bother contacting me about anything IWT-related, that means that the power is in my hands to pick my next opponent, right? And that I will do.

    I want my next opponent at MITB to be that cocksucker standing opposite me - Aids Johnson. *Crowd goes wild*

    Accept it or be known as the forever pussy and the man who could never beat Alias Antonio.

    Take that for active.

    *Alias exits the ring with a smirk on his face*
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    *Trip looks at Aids in confusion and then looks back at Alias*

    TRIP: You do know there's a PPV before MITB right Alias? I mean I would expect one of my top tier champions to actually know the frigging schedule. But thats ok, I get your meaning. And its up to Aids to accept your challenge, thats true. But you are forgetting that I book the matches around here. And Aids is the man who relays info about our superstars back to me. He works for me, he is not co-GM by any means. I'm sorry if thats too hard for you to wrap your tiny little brain around. *Trip looks at Aids real quick and shrugs, then back at Alias* Listen to you, trying to drive a wedge between us already. I knew it would happen. Aids knew it would happen. You think we are new at this? We ARE NOT the fresh faces around here Alias. You can come out here and call me second rate whatever you like, but the fact of the matter is......I am in charge, not you, not Aids, not even the IWT universe. *crowd boos* It'd behoove you to remember that fact Alias. Less you end up in a handicap match for your precious title.

    *Trip smiles*
  11. OOC: Well what's the next PPV then? There's no Payback and no Uprising I heard, so I assume MITB is next unless we're doing something like Slammiversary or some shit.
  12. OOC: Theres an Uprising coming up (23rd - 29th) then 2 weeks until MITB. Was just being kayfabe by the way. You just left it open :dawg:
  13. OOC: Welp, someone didn't inform me correctly then lol. I exited the ring you dummie.
  14. :facepalm: oh fuck me lol

    EDIT: Ok, I took out the "in your face" part
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  16. OOC: Oh shit i've only been working towards MITB's card. :stopspot: