Aids & Carmen vs Dat Kid & Jamie - Tapings

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  1. Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening"

    Dat Kid walks out to the stage as does Jamie, they stands there for a moment as the crowd boo them. they then walk down the ramp, Dat Kid rolls into the ring as Jamie walks up the steps and steps through the ropes

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Asbury Park, New Jersey, weighing in at 175lbs, Dat Kiiiiid!! and his partner, Also from New Jersey, weighing in at 156lbs, Jamie!"

    Kid sits on top of the south turnbuckle, waiting for his other opponents as Jamie leans on the ropes

    Aids Johnson walks out in black wrestling boots, red trunks and wearing a brewers baseball jersey. Carmen steps out behind him and thrusts her arm into the air. They quickly walk to the ring.

    Announcer: "And introducing his opponent, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Weighing in at 180lbs, The player who bleeds Brewer's Baseball, Aids Johnson! and his Partner, also from Milwaukee Wisconsin, weighing at 140lbs, Carmen...Stevenson!"

    Aids enters and stares at Dat Kid and Carmen stares at Jamie

    Acailler Dat Kid Aids Johnson CrayJ Lee
    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you all.
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  2. It clearly says @CrayJ starts not sure why you're all waiting for me.
  3. No one was waiting on you. CrayJ Lee do your job.
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  4. Ladies and gentleman, I stand before you this evening full of enthusiasm and gratitude. I didn't come to the FNW to be another pretty face. I came to the FNW to make a statement. I paid my way through wrestling school and worked 365 days a year to be the best wrestler I could be. I've trained with the very best and have thus created my own identity in the ring. Ultimately, all my hard work and dedication paid off. Now I stand here before all of you making my debut and working with a tag team partner like Aids Johnson.

    Jamie, you have certainly welcomed me in your own way to the FNW. You think I’m not worth your time but yet you respond as minimally as possible to everything I have to say. If you didn't think I was worth your time you would ignore me completely. In fact, I think you’re afraid that you have finally met your match. Don’t ever misinterpret my gratitude and enthusiasm for this company as a weakness. If anything, it’s that gratitude that has continued to push me to work even harder to continue the success I’ve already had. As for you Dat Kid, it seems as if the most dominating thing about you outside of your work in the ring has been your ego. The fact of the matter is, people can come into the ring, or your house as you call it, and perform as well if not better than you. The main event last week determined that there are worthy opponents for you in this company and I am just another one you are going to have to keep an eye out for.

    So Dat Kid and Jamie, I hope you’re ready for this tag team match. You’re going to be challenged in ways you didn't imagine were possible. You’re up against two very professional wrestlers in the FNW. With our individual talents teamed up together there’s absolutely nothing we can’t do.
  5. Another week, another main event match for Aids Johnson, and Dat Kid. Last week i was down and out, i wont deny it. Some may even say I was "saved" by Messias, whose interference lead to a no-decision DQ. I had to eat the finisher, and ended the show in the middle of the ring, down and out. Today, however, is a new day. Team Wisconsin is here and there is no Jacob Colton in the mix for me to worry about, only you, From. You are going to come here and speak about how you are the one who deserves to be champion, considering you were ready to attempt the victory last week, before Messias took you out. You are going to forget the real person he came out to attack I am the top face in this company and this week i have a partner who can help me show off how great our talent really is. As for Jamie, i see another vacation in your near future, you might even want to start up before the microphone even goes your direction.

    A second week with a second chance at a first victory. I gave last week my all, and this week will be another similar display of showing what a real main event champion looks like. From, on the other hand, had to capitalize on the lucky moves Colton, taking his time, while i spent nearly the entire match in the center of the ring. This week will be something similar, except for the opportunity for me to show off a knockout worth talking about, a future champion, and one hell of a woman in Carmen. This may just be a preview into the first power couple of the FNW, a professional admiration we share for each other, as a way to keep the fans entertained and the gold in our hands.
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    I'm beginning to think that signing with FNW was a big mistake. I get put in the ring with the guy who was practically dead in the ring last week, not because of Messias, because I had him on gallows with the pull string of the guillotine in my right hand. One second more is all it would have taken. Then Instead of getting the man who cost me the match, yes cost me the match because if I don't get my hand raised at the end of it, it's a loss. Unlike you Aids I don't look at that match and then still say I have a chance at first victory, that's just the logic of a naive man, and they call me "kid". You lost Aids, I lost, and the only won who came out winning that night was the man who stood over you as he was crowned champion. So instead of facing him, they got me facing two jokes like you because they know I would take him out and there's no refunds on all that Messias merchandise that they plan on peddling off on these dumbasses in this arena.

    So if they want me to focus on you and that half witted whore standing next to you, I will. This isn't about beating you, this is about sending a message to the hot shot faggot that put the belt on Messias last week. I want him to pay close attention to this match. By the way, Messias did come out to attack you, I agree. Why would he want to attack me? I don't get taken out as easily as you did last week.

    As for you little girl, I'm not sure what you seek to accomplish by getting in this ring, but you've got balls for doing've also got a bigger Adam's apple than Gonorrhea Gary over here. An Adam's apple and balls, not the most attractive things I've seen on a woman, but I guess that's a Wisconsin thing. You and everyone else keep on running their mouth about how they've "trained so hard to get here" and nobody in this arena gives a shit. I especially don't give a shit since you're probably lying out your ass since your tryout probably wasn't in this ring, more than likely it was a casting couch. Now you've made it to the show, now how about you stop fooling around and come see the main event. *Dat Kid points to his crotch* Stop drooling on yourself, we're on pre-taped television.

    You want to talk about how your ultra Wisconsin powers are going to beat me. What the hell are you two going to do, throw fast food at me and hope eat myself to death like the people in that cesspool you come from. Your "individual talents" ain't gonna do shit in this ring, because we all saw what Aids COULDN'T do last week, and I'm pretty sure your individual talent of cock sucking won't help you here. You might be able to beat this slut that I got teamed up with, but you ain't beatin' me. Bitches.
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  7. *sigh* Sorry, I was busy thinking about holding the FNW title....Didn't realise I was supposed to take part in this "mothers meeting". I don't know if you pointless wastes of DNA have realised, but I'm really not here to make friends and win over these jerk-offs in the crowd. I'm not here to talk shit either, because let's face it...If I wanted to, I could just beat you all up...and yes, sorry Dat Kid, I do include you in that. I might look like a helpless, little female but trust me when I say this *gets in Carmens face*...There is nobody...NOBODY, better than me.
  8. Carmen can you believe these people? Week in and week out, we train, diet, practically live this sport we enjoy so much, and the main even is just dwindled by the fact the only thing From can do is speak about himself, ignoring the realities in life to whine and moan about how someone who hasnt proven anything deserves to be considered a god in this company, a future hall of famer. And as for Jamie, even Stevie Wonder can see you dont stand a chance against any of us inside the ring, or out. We represent Respect, for the fans and other wrestlers of this company. We represent Loyalty to FNW, the company that helped introduce stars such as Aids Johnson, Dat Kid, Brian Messias, Pyro, Iron Baba, Sam Cornell, and many other great names represented throughout the federation, and beyond. I shouldnt have to re-inform you of the fact that the first three members represent the main event for the last two weeks, and one of us are champion. As for me, i represent Hustle like no one else in this company. You, you have no respect for a company willing to raise you to the highest level, a company that builds great members while letting people lacking integrity go at the first stop. You can get off now, your ride is over.

    Speaking of Integrity, people only call you Kid because they see you as below them, and undeserving of any respect. I am well aware you have to earn respect, From, and that is why i don't consider last week anything more than a hinderance on my path to the top. This isn't the first time i have had issues with authority, the only difference is this time i will rise above it, and keep taking steps in the right direction on my way to holding the Gold we all know i so rightfully deserve.
  9. Oh please. Pass the sick bucket.

    *mocks both Carmen and Aids* "We respect fnw, we respect the crowd, we train hard and made love to a rowing machine just to get here today blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhh" WHO.GIVES.A.SHIT.


    Its disrespectful to myself and my partner to even be in this ring. We're better than this! I've won titles all over the world. I spent years in Japan fighting the best this business has to offer. I've paid my dues..... You should be honoured to even be in the same company as me, never mind the same ring.

    I've got a good mind to walk out of this building right now and go somewhere that deserves my respect....its not as if anything important is going on here.....

    You know, I shouldn't even be appearing on free TV!!!!!

    I need a new agent....
  10. Yes, Aids, it is unfortunate that our opponents continue to underestimate our talents and dedication to be the very best. After our victory, perhaps we should show everyone how well people in Wisconsin can celebrate.

    And you Jamie, by all means, meet up with a new agent and try to get what you feel you so desperately deserve. However, I don’t think quitting on FNW just when the competition is heating up is going to look good on your resume. I am not afraid of anything you can do in this ring nor do I shake with fear over anything you have to say. If you can’t be grateful for your opportunity to be here, then perhaps you had the right idea to just pack up your locker and go home. Regardless of what you’d like to say about the fans, we have jobs because people buy tickets and fill up these seats to see us perform. You might not care about what they have to say or what they think about you, but we would not be here if it wasn’t for them. I was looking forward to our match up but all you’ve done is spout meaningless jargon and wasted my time and the fan’s time.

    Dat Kid, I’m going to address you directly because I feel like your disrespect towards me and women like me is downright despicable. There was a quote I heard when I was younger that said: “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it”. I’ve had powerful women role models my entire life and I knew that if I was going to have everything I ever dreamed of, I was going to have to work hard and reap the rewards. I didn’t get to this company sitting on an acting couch or by blowing an executive. I got here because I am just that good. Despite what I’ve overcome in my lifetime, through all the ups and downs, I got here by working just as hard as anyone else in the back watching this match and as hard as anyone that happens to be in this ring. Unlike you, I don’t need to scream my confidence over the microphone week in and week out hoping someone out there will take notice. I let my past and present successes and work ethic speak for me. I mean, let’s face it! No one likes an overconfident, self absorbed kid from New Jersey that doesn’t have an orange spray tan.
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    You shut your mouth Jackie! You don't get to make demands, you're a shit wrestler who's getting their big break break by riding on my coattails. Don't you dare put my name in the same sentence as yours. I am superior to everyone in this ring and that includes you. We may be partners tonight, but you ain't my equal and you better remember that.

    Aids you want to throw around words like Hustle, Respect, and Integrity. Words that don't mean a damn thing to me, just like everything else you say doesn't mean a damn thing to me. I don't need your respect, I don't need anyone's respect! I didn't come here for people's opinions about me, see that's a dumb thing idiots you chase after. You don't go to South Jersey and by a beach house with Respect. Respect is just an imaginary concept, like religion, and Santa Claus. In before some Jehovah's witness comes knocking on my locker room door. Then you want to come out here and bullshit me on something like integrity because you're the morally conscious wrestler, don't give me that shit. How many people have you stepped on to get here? How many whores did you bang that came knocking on your hotel door after every show? Don't come here and look down on me because I embrace what you are too embarrassed to admit. I do however meet the definition of one of those words and that's hustle because I'm hustling each and every one of these idiots in to my arena, so they can go buy my t-shirts during the women's matches.

    Aids your path to the top is something I believe you are capable of, but the problem is that I will always be standing at the top waiting for you and all the rest of the microrganisms so I can kick you all back to the bottom where you belong.

    Carmen you're dead wrong. I am not disrespectful to women at all, I love women. Allow me to give you a quote from one of my favorite women " Place chicken breasts on bun bottoms and top with crisp lettuce. Combine sour cream, scallions and blue cheese and slather bun tops with blue cheese sour cream. Affix bun tops on sandwiches and serve with remaining sauce for dipping your veggies. Arrange Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches on dinner plates with red onion, celery and carrot sticks." Now get your ass back to the kitchen where you belong before I have to deliver some backhand justice on that ug mug of yours. Everyone loves a self absorbed kid from New Jersey. Just listen to this crowd!....Oh well fuck you guys then! Go back to your meaningless lives as a cashiers at KMart! As for you, if you like your past accomplishments so much why don't you go back to Wisconsin where you came from and relive them there. This place is about the present and not your dumbass past that no one cares about. See you're just one of those people that are just happy to be here, well good for you. You can be satisfied with your spot at the bottom of mountain, just don't you dare look up at me while I'm at the top because you might get piss in your eyes.
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