Storyline Aids celebrates, asylum style

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  1. The video starts with Aids Johnson walking into the asylum, wiping the dew off of the lens, smiling into the camera. Aids is wearing some jeans, and his Relevant Sweatshirt, and (of course) a brewers hat on his head. Aids hands the camera off to an unknown person, before walking to the front desk.

    "Champ Johnson, i'm here for that "special visit" i made sure to set up." The nurse rolls her eyes, and points him to a room on the side, where a few IWT staff member's have already began setting thing's up. The cameraman hands over the IWT title to Aids, who gladly takes it, looking nervous as ever. "Tonight, i get my family back" Aids says, before turning his frown upside down, waiting on Victoria Parker to be taken in. As Aids is waiting, he bullshit's with a few of the staff member, as a random acoustic band come's in. Aids whispers in the lead singer's ear, who laughs before quickly setting up. As they wait, the band begins to play...while Aids has his drink in his hand, bumming around and celebrating his big victory over Joey Bryant.

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  2. Several staff members come into Victoria's room. Some start combing her hair and another starts putting a little makeup on her face. Puzzled, the staff eventually stands her up and takes her out of her straightjacket. "Someone is here to visit you", one of the staff members says, leading her into the visitors lounge. As they round the corner and open the double doors, Victoria is lead to a clothed table with plates and a few candles. She sees a band playing in one corner of the room. Just as the staff is seating her in the chair, Victoria sees Aids standing in the room with the IWT Title nearby. Victoria begins to kick and scream violently as the staff rushes to restrain her and get her legs put in the straps of the chair. "Let me at him! I SAID, LET ME AT HIM! I need to do a lot more than cut his throat. I WOULD LIKE TO CRACK OPEN HIS SKULL!" Victoria's eyes are like daggers of rage as she looks at Aids. "What the hell are you doing here? Wasn't our last encounter evidence enough that I want you dead? You're the very last person I want to see."
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  3. Aids cracks a small smile, before pointing towards the chair she is already seated in. "Please, sit." he says, before sitting in his own chair, not scooting in, clearly keeping his distance. "You see, I won my rematch, and things are clairvoyant for me now. I see what you meant, I realize what I've done to you, and I want to offer you an opportunity. *Aids coughs uncomfortably, pointing the band and the staff out of the room, and as they begin to protest, he grabs his knife, the only knife in the room, holding it in his hands.

    "You know Victoria, I should thank you. I let my ego get the best of me, and it took a real woman to take care of it. It took someone like you to make me see what I needed to do to become a real man. You changed me for the better, and I am here to thank you for everything that you've done for me, while I apologize for everything I've done to you. I want my family back. I have a mansion, I have money, I have fake friends who kiss my ass, but I just want to go home for Christmas. I know you...*Aids stops before clearing his throat*..I know you hate me, but you are locked up in here, and I thought you deserved to know what happened in my match with DK. You are stuck here, but life moves on! Someday you will be cured, and the IWT will gladly be waiting. *Aids snickers at the cure comment, as Victoria glares at him, not even blinking, making Aids even more uncomfortable.

    "You know i'm not good at this, and maybe i should just shut up. I just want you to know that I forgive you, and I wanted to get you something this holiday season to make you happy, and if there is anything you want, name it. I want to go home, Victoria. I miss my sister, and I worry about my parents every day. You might be stuck in this prison but it's nothing compared to the nightmares I face every day. Give me something, anything, please." Aids says, pitifully. His smile is now gone, and his face looks sunken, as he stares at his glass of scotch.
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  4. Victoria leaned back in her chair as much as she could, smiling casually at Aids. Her eyes still looked as harsh as ever, as sharp as daggers. She starts to clap sarcastically. "Well congratulations Aids, you won your rematch against DK James. How very self-centered of you to come all this way to tell me about your accomplishments. It must take a lot of courage for you to sit in front of the woman who wants you dead. Not only that, but I've openly stolen your family from you. You think your accomplishments and your pathetic begging is going to give them back to you? I see right through your pathetic exterior. Outside of that title, you have NOTHING and it's all thanks to me. The only reason why you're here is because this cause is worth fighting for. All the money and fame means nothing if your ego isn't on the line, fighting for something to make you feel worthwhile. You won't be truly satisfied until everything is restored to the way it should be. At that point, you'll go back to being as egotistical and self-centered as ever, acting like the God of the IWT that no one can touch. But, you see, no matter how long I'm locked up here, I still have the upperhand and complete control. No pitiful look is going to give you what you want. You've come to your one true enemy looking like a shell of your former self, hoping I'll take pity on you and give you what you want."

    Victoria leans in across the table with a smirk on her face. "It's not going to happen. The only thing that's going to happen to you are a bout of further injuries, and the eventual exchange of hands that will happen with that title."
  5. Aids and Victoria are staring intensely into each other's eyes, glaring angrily at each other. Aids is the first to talk. "You are nothing without me! Without me you WERE a champion who WAS too pretentious, too good. Without me your biggest victory is Dat Kid, while I have faced Senhor in the MAIN EVENT at Wrestlemania, and I have defeated Crayo. Without me? You sit here and die all alone. You spend your days hoping some freak comes and breaks you out, but no one is smart or competent enough to do the job, and you sit here....pulling your head back in laughter....imagining thing's that don't really even happen....while I remain IWT champion. I should let you bury my own family for the sake of all the people who would suffer from your return to planet Earth, but you are right. *Aids stares at the ground, before looking up, glaring at VP* You are right, I hate my life without my family. I have nothing to enjoy without the people I care about, and god knows those whores and stooge assholes meant nothing to me. The Cure is dead, and with that, the final blow to my heart was made...or so i thought.

    You gave me something I never knew i could, I went from a man who everyone looked at and said "Everything is given to him" to the man who earned where he is. I defeated the Incognito's, I took home the gold at Wrestlemania, and it still was not enough. Here I am, and as ashamed as I am to admit it, I have something i want again. I want my family back, more than most people could imagine, and with you sitting across from me, i realize you share my pain.

    The band begins playing the song, as Aids brushes himself off, staring down VP as he begins to walk away. His eyes stay focused on her the entire time, neither of them moving anything but their eyes, as he begins to make his exit towards the door.
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  6. The camera follows Aids as he heads for the exit. A disturbance is heard within the visitors room as Victoria grabs the camera and violently shakes it, screaming loudly directly into the camera. Victoria had gotten herself out of the leather straps on the chair as many of the staff members are hovering in fear around the room. Victoria is breathing heavily, her hands balled up in fists as she is shouting at Aids. "No, YOU are the one that's nothing without me! I was main event material the moment I walked into the IWT. The first match I ever had I defeated BOTH Senhor and Danielson for the tag team titles. How DARE you stand here and disrespect the legacy I have created in the IWT. There is no IWT without Victoria Parker and your pitiful, pathetic existence would hold no meaning without me. I DEFINE YOU! There would never be an IWT title around your waist if I wasn't around to challenge you."

    Aids yells out at her as she starts to spiral out of control, fueled by rage. Victoria takes a plate from the table and screams in rage as she smashes it over the head of one of the nurses on staff. Victoria picks a piece of the broken glass plate off the floor and holds the nurse by neck, brushing the woman's hair off the side of her face with the shard of glass. "You think I depend on someone to get me out of here? I CONTROL EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS HERE! I'm here because I have things to do here, not because a single one of these walls contains me. There are staff running around doing my bidding, and others that can't wait to get away from me knowing that I'm as ruthless as anyone that's stepped into this place. I am strong and competent enough to get out of here ALL ON MY OWN, and sooner or later, I'm going to be back in the IWT destroying every last thing that you hold dear.

    "But," Victoria says, gliding the broken shard of glass along the nurse's neck, "there is always a price to pay when you mess with Victoria Parker. I HOPE YOU ENJOY HAVING THIS WOMAN'S BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!" With that, Victoria stabs the woman repeatedly in the stomach, laughing with each stab to her gut. Blood is seen pouring from the nurse's wound as Victoria is tackled to the ground by at least six staff members.
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  7. Aids, after moving away quickly to move away from the stabbing, realizes what he has done. He puts his hands up against the two way mirror, as Victoria Parker is stabbing the woman, while Aids clearly blames himself for the loss of life. As the music continues to play, Aids turns, looking at the camera, angry and upset, before walking up to it and pushing away. As the camera being to fade Aids belts out "Look what you made me do, you idiot son's of bitches!" before continuing to say "And now her blood is on my hands! Another life I have taken without being given a choice. You idiots, can't you learn to take care of yourselves?" Aids screams out, clearly distraught, as the camera fades to black.
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