Aids Has Been Banished

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  1. -Calls for a meeting-

    * sighs*
    "As you may have heard, the great "heel" of the company decided to tuck tail & head for the door, ripping up his contract & going to another company. I think he couldn't handle the pressure. Goes to show a great champion isn't found in someone who "ducks" out at the last second multiple times. Aids has official been stripped of both the WWE Championship & the Million Dollar Championship. I surely thought it would take more to get rid of him. Word is that he has been offered something he couldn't get in the IWT... I'll let you decide what that may be. With about as much class as LeBron, he screwed over this company leaving me to have to pick up all the pieces."

    *holds up the belts*
    As for the belts...
    Senhor Perfect you are still in the match for the belt, though we do no longer have a champion, you will be able to select a contender to go against for the WWE Championship.
    Farooq God of WWEForums you are in the same boat.
    Both of you can select who you want to fight but I encourage all challengers to voice your opinions.

    *points at the clock*
    "I certainly do not have time for this so if anyone else would like to "duck" me or my company, you surely will be future endeavored. I believe Jonathan owes it to all of us to explain what happened with his "right hand" man."
  2. LB6=GOAT
    AIDS= :pity1:
  3. If I knew what the fuck Aids was playing at, I would explain. Obviously my character here is a persona, but on a serious note, I'm seriously pissed off. Months of planning and preparation, mainly thanks to Dat Kid, who everyone owes a lot of credit to, all gone because 2 fuckers leave.
  4. You should have stayed away from the zero: Aids and stayed with the hero: me. :smug:
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  5. Damn same happened to me with the wedding see?
  6. Uh no, it didn't? You voted against Aids, just after you got your push turning heel, and payed the consequences.
  7. Dat Kid has to be one of my top favorites in this section for quite some time. He provides great threads & nice promos. He works hard to add creative flair and customization for everyone. I think he deserves to face Senhor Perfect at ER.
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  8. It's official then! At Extreme Rules, we will have Dat Kid vs Senhor Perfect, FOR THE IWT CHAMPIONSHIP!
  9. One question, this doesn't cancel our match this tuesday, does it?
  10. Might as well forfeit now, all you Skype buddies vote for him no matter how good my promos are, lol.

  11. It's so difficult to build a story into such a dynamic element, you have to keep the voting organic otherwise it just looks pointless whilst maintaining alliances. The best idea if you're going to have more than one person together is make them form teams even if it's just for a while week imo or let managers cut promos to sway the votes.

    If you want a story book it month at a time to react to this kind of stuff.
  12. It's not as hard as you think. We did book a month in advance, but when people leave, things go south
  13. So the voting has been kayfabe this whole time? That's the only thing I thought was real.
  15. Aren't you in a match with Christian for the WHC?
  16. LET IT BE ME! It should me anyway since chagane aid for the title and he bitch out like scarycat. What do u @Senhor Perfect ?
  17. Which proves its difficult lol. The circumstances are impossible to manage.
  18. yes but who said i can't be in 2 other people are?
  19. You're in the World title match already dint risk injury.