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Who won?

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  1. Aids

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  2. Rita

  3. Gav

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Aids Johnson(@Aids the King Wizard ) vs?????

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last as long as we want
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. As the IWT returns from the new IWT'16 xbox one ad, the lights are dimmed and smoke fills the arena. The crowd pops as the lights flicker.

    Aids walks out to a huge boo from the crowd, overshadowing the cheers in the video playing over the speakers. He stops at the top of the ramp, before quickly running and sliding into the ring, holding a microphone in his hands. Aids waits for the boo's to calm before holding up his microphone.

    Aids invitational, 10 days too late. *Crowd boo's* Am I the only person here who witnessed the disaster that was WM3? Garbage, and filled with midcard casualties and top tier no-shows. This is my invitational, to help determine who will bring IWT into 2015, 4 months too late. This disaster deserves someone with something to lose, and unlike your staff and board here, I need the IWT to succeed. Now put on your music, walk out here, and stand within feet of your favorite hero.

    *Aids settles back, waiting on anyone to walk out.
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  3. Farooq makes his way out with a loud pop of cheers. He's wearing his old ring attire of black tights, black boots and black fingertipless gloves. Farooq, looking more in tone as he makes his way down the ramp. He claps hands with the fans, before entering the ring. The announcer hands Farooq a microphone, before facing Aids.

    "My hero? I'm confused as to where Stevie Ray Vaughan is, but I guess I'll stand in front of a STD named wrestler. You and everyone else want to know why this company is barely breathing? Because none of you put passion in your fight. It's all glory for gold, title hungry and wanting to make it big...and you can't tell me that isn't true, you always make sure to remind us that you held the IWT Championship in the past. I remember walking through that locker room when I returned a first time after being stripped of the United States championship. There was a pack of wolves in there. A pack of people, ready not just to make a name for themselves, but to fight. Those who had a love to take a beating, and even more to send one."

    Farooq walks up to Aids, face to face between them both now. "There were stories, legends among ourselves that put blood, sweat and tears in the center of the ring we both are standing. That passion, has been blown away by the wind of fame. I'm not out here to plug in my latest movie, I'm not out here to become IWT, I'm out here to ignite a flame. A flame that is lost. I walked through the back, and I all I heard was people trying to become this champion, or that champion. Nobody back there has the passion to want to make a story, and if I have to come out of retirement, and kick all of you to the curb, until I find a wolf that bites back, then I'll gladly kick every single ass. Because all I see, are nothing, but sheep. Sheep, but I know deep in that locker room that there is a wolf, just wearing sheep clothing and ready to strike. So how about it, one more time Aids, show me that you haven't stooped to becoming as mindless as I say you are....let anybody come out, and prove me wrong."
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  4. Purple and black lights flash erratically, Rita appears at the top of the ramp in matching purple shorts and halter top. The Intercontinental Championship around her waist and the Million Dollar Championship slung over her shoulder. Ignoring the crowd, she struts to the ring, handing both titles to a assistant in return for a mic. She steps between the ropes and looks the pair in the ring.

    This is too much. Rita scowls at them What have either of you contributed recently? You had your time and still, you turn up to get your five seconds whenever you can. Pathetic. How about instead of white knighting, you actually show up a little- you know, like a full timer. Now I know that might be asking a lot considering the condition that you guys are in, but you know- try and make a little effort.

    Some of us young whipper snappers do have passion for this business and this company. I've done nothing but put up with garbage for months- Wrestlers that couldn't even be bothered to fulfil contractual obligations and show up, ungrateful audiences that treated my matches as an excuse to stretch their fat, cellulitic legs.-All for the sake of this company. And you dare to lump me in with those lazy sacks of human garbage that hide in the locker room.

    Rita sighs, letting the mic drop to her side. 'Fucking jokes.' She mutters.
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  5. * gav the chavs music plays as the crowd goes wild for gav the chav as he makes his way out to the ring receiving a mic as he approaches the ring*

    ( Gav the chav ) you know what right everyone has had there say on the IWT ive sat backstage for months listening to all your opinions And Constantly whining and bitch and you know what right its time you all shut the fuck up and listen coz its gavs turn to speak

    *gav pauses for a moment before continuing to speak*

    You see right while you were all bitch and when i say all i mean everyone in general not just you 3 cheeky ****s were moaning like a bunch of little Pussies gav was actually doing shit making sure that this sinking ship was staying afloat and constantly im hearing creative is dead or creative are a bunch of useless ****s you know what right maybe one or two are a bit shit but don't tar me and those who work hard with that same brush without us this place would be in its grave right now

    You see right creative didn't fail iwt you did every single person backstage in the locker room and in this ring excluding me failed iwt thats right your all a bunch of useless ****s the iwt champ now sorry the former iwt champ alias antonio failed IWT aids the supposed GOAT of IWT you failed IWT every single one of you failed IWT and that is gav the chavs state of IWT address

    *gav throws the mic on the floor and waits in the corner to see who responds first*
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  6. Trip in the Head walks out to the top of the ramp, mic in hand, as the music plays and makes his way to the ring.

    Well look at the fucking IWTMania after party we got going on here. As one of the few people' matches that actually went as planned for Mania I figured I should show my pretty face. *Trip glances at Rita and smiles devilishly* Congratulations on the title wins.

    Aids is right in a way - IWTMania was a giant shit storm of epic failure for the most part. I mean, I actually showed up for my match and came away with the win - and that puts me at 2-0 on the big stage around here. Not sure how many more around here can say that. The thing that really gets me is I have never had any singles gold around this waist. And I'm sure you wastes of flesh and bone think that makes me the underdog out here tonight. Well come at me and find out for yourselves. Aids, Gav, Rita, Farooq. It doesn't matter. I'm going to whoop all of your asses and anyone else's ass who dares step out from behind that curtain for this match. Although now that I'm out here I doubt that very much.​

    *Trip cracks his knuckles*

    I'm aiming straight for the top now - and this seems like a good place to start.​
  7. You know what? I was right, I am right, I'm always right. Rita, you should be thankful for this opportunity, it appears outside of us part timers no one wants to waste 10 minutes with your full time ass. I extend the olive branch and have to put up with a room full of underdogs and mid-carders. You know what, all you should be thankful *Aids points around the crowd* because without me pulling strings like Geppetto the fans here would be left with not one but TWO miserable World title matches.

    Gav you starved neanderthal, you're welcome. If it was not for me today, who would remember you even are still a part of the active roster? *Aids laughs* But at least you made me and the world shocked by becoming IWT champion, even if you never could defend it successfully...what do these chumps have to say? Trip, Fooq, Rita, where is your gold? This trail blazing, blouse raising, hall of fame'ing king among soldiers is the reason the IWT is where it is today. Do I need to take you miserable sons and daughters back to class?

    *Aids paces slowly, taking his time before speaking again* But you, farooq, you miserable son of a bitch. For years I have owed you a loss, an I have not forgotten about my 0-3 record against you. You are one of the greatest to ever present yourself to the ring, a man who turned 4 titles into one without skipping a beat, mr many many accolades, and yet no World Championships, and no hall of fame ring? Your past was bright, and your future will include the ring everyone here wishes for *Aids holds up his HoF ring* but tonight is MY night, tonight I end our rivalry with my favorite letter, W.
  8. Same old shit *A same old shit chant breaks out briefly*

    Do you even hear what comes out of your mouth? Are you bi-polar? One second you're disgusted with the state of the company and in the same breath you're proud that you made it what it is today.

    Jesus Christ, maybe if for one second you considered anybody at all but yourself, you could actually do something of some value. But you couldn't do that. This isn't about saving the company to you- it's about the glory you think you'll get from it. It's about you being able to show off that pretty little HoF ring and shout about how you were a 3 times world champion.

    If you cared about this company even half as much as you claim, then answer this: Where the fuck are you the rest of the year? Are you training? Are you competing at Uprising? What the fuck are you contributing? *Rita looks to the audience, throwing her hands up* It's true.

    I don't give two shits what you used to be. Those days are so far gone that honestly, your 'gloating' makes me feel sorry for your tired ass. Because surely, you know that you're worth jack shit these days. Nobody looks up to you, nobody pays to see this *Rita gestures towards Aids, looking disgusted*

    And Trip… our glorious General Manager. You couldn't manage to find your ass with both hands, let alone whoop mine. I almost killed your little BFF and I'd be more than happy to do exactly the same to you. Anywhere, any time. *Rita smirks at Trip*
  9. "So we got a power hungry guy, a drunk, a chav and a woman on her period in her ring. This sounds like the set up to a joke." Farooq says, leaning back into the turnbuckle. "What have I contributed to this company recently? Nothing. Do I really have to clarify that, I just said I came back. I just told you Trip, I'm going to kick your ass, not the other way around. As for Gav, I am a pussy, I am what I eat, and it's delicious. And Aids is off showing off that ring, and bragging about being a former God I'm going to sound like a broken record."

    Farooq rests his hand on his forehead, sighing a bit. "Now I know this may seem a bit hard to understand Rita, but let me clarify that I shouldn't have to return. You, and the rest of this roster should be fighting each other, hell I'm not even on the roster anymore and I showed up to this match. Now who's fault is that? My own, well sure! Lets blame the man who's retired, because someone has to take the blame right? Because someone couldn't manage a game of Monopoly, Trip. Someone couldn't manage to keep things going straight, Gav. Someone couldn't keep this company alive, that he loves so much, Aids. And as for you Rita, I don't have much to say anymore. If I pissed you off enough to insult me, when everybody else in the back stayed there, then I think you'll do fine. Sure, some of you younger ones do have passion, but not everyone. And THAT is the main problem with this business. No order, no unity and hell, even no competitors in actual matches. If I have to get my ass back into this ring, I have no problem with it. I'll run through everyone I have to, until this company is breathing again. Even everybody in this ring."
  10. *Trip just smiles*

    Aids the only thing you got thats right is one of your hands. And frank-the-jock-ly *Trip smiles at his play on words* what you, your hand, and an olive branch do on the weekends is nothing anyone in this ring wants to hear. *Trip pauses* Your right hand happens to be the one with that fancy HoF ring on it too eh? Start flashing it around again like that and I will go straight Putin on your ass and take it like your name was Robert Kraft. The I'll have some of that gold you asked about so smugly. And just like that piece of shit Kraft, I doubt you'll have the guts to try and get it back either.

    *Trip turns to Farooq*

    Really Farooq? Monopoly? Fine, here goes. *Trip clears his throat* I'm about to roll doubles, land on park place, pass go, collect $200 AND get that sweet ass fucking free parking money. And just like those old ass Monopoly game pieces - you've been replaced here in IWT. Thats why we never called you back from that lame duck of a movie career you claim to have. You pulled a chance card and something tells me you're going directly to jail. Hint: its because of the color of your skin too. Just be glad I don't shoot you in the back right here, right now.

    *Trip looks at Gav like he is going to say something, but stops......and moves on to Rita*

    Rita, dahhhling. Aids must be blind to not see those two shiny new belts of yours you came out here with. And for your information, the only ass I need to find with my hands is that delicious one you drag around behind you. *winks* Now as far as Micheal is concerned - I was kind of getting tired of the dumb shit that would spill out of his mouth on a daily basis. So you actually did me a favor. My pride as a real man is what kept me by his side as he saved my life after I had pretty much died - so that little threat of yours would be just another day for me. Been there, handled that business.

    *Trip turns and throws his hands up and lets them fall again before finishing*

    You rejects don't seem to understand. I've been set free. No longer am I under the Influence of another. I AM the Influence now. And my domination of the IWT is only beginning here tonight.​
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  11. *gav picks up his mic and begins to speak *

    ( Gav the chav ) here aids when was the last time you won a match? Seriously when? The Great aids Johnson i once knew is dead the man in front of me is a shell of the man i once called a mate you stand talking about this great career you've had you label yourself the GOAT but the more you keep living in the past the more tarnished your legacy is going to be you are literally shitting on your own legacy you were once great but now you're at the bottom of the roster

    *gav turns his attention towards farooq trips and rita*

    you know what honestly i don't have a problem with any of you farooq me and you worked together backstage to resurrect the x division belt trips we both arrived here at the same time and have been on quite a journey we've been Fierce rivals and we've been mates Your still a cheeky **** for taking my tag team belt and as for you rita out paths are yet to cross may i offer you a little advice cheeky ****s get there face smashed in so don't be a cheeky **** and we'll remain cool
  12. Gav, if I do have the misfortune of dealing with your odious ass you can bet that I won't be the one leaving on a stretcher. Your little buddy B.Dazzle had the right idea when he vanished from the company, maybe you should take a page from his book and return to whatever filthy council estate you crawled out from- your time here is done. *Rita makes a shoo-ing action towards Gav before focusing on Trip*

    And Trip, you think you can hang with me? *Rita suddenly stops laughing and looks dead serious* Now, instead of fantasizing about my phenomenal ass, how about you run along back stage, go to your office and actually try and fix this shit? Cause lord knows, Gav… Hell, even Aids stands a better chance with me then you do.

    I'm going to keep this short... I'm not going to bore with you a speech on just how passionate I am about my career- about this company. I think I've shown more than my fair share of commitment to this place. After all, it's not like I'm here because I need the money, right? *She gives the others an arrogant smile *

    You veterans might not see a lot of star power in those young bucks in the locker room right now, but you can't deny there's star power right here. *She signals to herself*
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  13. (I worked 8am-10pm the last two days)

    Is there any subject that has not been covered yet? I borrowed Dat Kid my shovel in 2014 and cannot seem to find it. Rita, you may have a way with words, but that is where it all ends. In my world, you might as well be standing in your local gymnasium giving a performance in front of 200 people, have you heard of me? Gav, Trip, you're welcome.

    But you, Farooq. Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake. Shake it off.
  14. Went with the old style of voting for this one. Now if we can only get some votes.............
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  15. lol @ trip's second promo at farooq.
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  16. Just realized we as competitors can't see the results until the poll closes I guess. I hope we get a few votes at least
  17. I forgot about this amazing and well scripted match. This is truly the definition of WCW--I mean IWT.
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  18. And your winner (with the only 2 votes cast) - The IWT Intercontinental and Million Dollar champion - Rita Kendall!!!

    2 votes guys? Jesus Christ :facepalm:
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  19. It's frustrating. Especially when you ask people to vote but they dgaf.
    But at least the people that took part gave enough of a fuck to put some effort in, so well done everyone :)
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