Aids Johnson - An interview

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  1. As IWT return's from commercial, the camera is shown knocking on the room of AIds Johnson, with crashing sounds heard as the cameraman knocks. It takes 3 times knocking on the door, but Aids slowly answers it, clearly intoxicated and out of breath. He leads them into the side room and sits down across from his personal trainers, all bruised and bloody in the face. Aids ignores they are there as he prepares to get his first IWT interview since losing the IWT title.

    DB: Aids, i know this is something you don't want to talk about, but people need to know. How are you taking this loss?

    Aids stares at him, before resetting how he is seated, and looking up to the ceiling. I did it. I gave 100% and i lost. I lost. *Aids slowly looks down at the floor, before starting at DB - You know what they say, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger? Victoria Parker took my title, but she will waste it, oh yes, she will let this company sink down, until the damage is so severe it will sound like cardiac arrest. You will all look to a new contender, but when THAT MATCH isn't good enough, you will all be forced to remember what it is i Do. WHAT I DO FOR ALL OF YOU! What i've done. You will look, but will I be there for you?

    From now on you will see a new Aids Johnson. Something different, someone who is a real paper champion. You're favorite Vanilla midget. Are we done here?

    The camera holds for a second before aids tells him to "fuck himself" and it fades.
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