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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Aids Johnson(@Aids Johnson ) and Eric Draven(@seabs ) VS Gav the Chav(@gav the chav ) and Joey Bryant (@DK James )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit to the number of promos you can post.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the promo period has expired

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. *MVP by Big L plays, Eric Draven makes his way towards the ring for the second time today. He's now wearing a pink t-shirt with "The Aids Foundation" printed on the back in black letters. He climbs into the ring and takes a mic from ringside.*

    ED : Let's keep this brief because we all know Gav gets a headache if he thinks too long. Ladies and Gentlemen of the IWT Universe my name as I'm sure you all know is Eric Draven and I'm one third of the most dominant team you've ever seen, the team with balls of steel, the team who'll cut through Gav's Chav act and go on the attack. Joey Bryant we'll got onto you later for now I'll be focusing on the real champ, the man who's fooled every single one of you everyone's favourite broken record Gav The Chav.

    *The crowd begins to boo*

    ED: Now then you cheeky ****. Wait no I don't have a limited vocabulary I can actually string more than 5 words together to form multiple sentences rather than repeating the same old dull promos.

    *The crowd boos again*

    ED: i get it you guys love him going off pretending to be the missing link between man and Neanderthal despite me showing you the truth about him. More power to you if you want to keep believing then god bless you just be prepared for the inevitable change once the money dries up. Now onto Joey, Joey, Joey Bryant. The main eventer who's only in the spot he's in because I took my ball and went home.

    *The crowd chant Joey Bryant*

    ED: Fair play Joey you took your spot and have become one of the greatest to ever do it. However can you cope with the pressure of competing with a Hall Of Famer and the Godfather of IWT? i've been training seriously since Uncle Trip gave me the call saying Draven we need you to get these people excited. Some of them are booing saying you sold out some are cheering saying you're the best ever. Either way you've gotta show them you still got it. I've been using that desire to start back trainin whether it's swimming across an ocean, liftin weights at 5 in the mornin seeing the sunrise and headin out runnin or even coming in to cover a media obligation. I'll chase you both around the world and back until I take those belts for each of my shoulders. From Mexico to Japan via California. Mark my words I will become the greatest and even you will acknowledge it.
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  3. *The lights dim green in the arena as the crowd bursts with cheers for the music of Joey Bryant. Fans in the arena pull their lighters out and swing them back and forth as the intro to the song plays. At 1:33 in the song, Joey Bryant runs out onto the stage for the first time in weeks and the crowd pops loud. He points to all of them before sprinting down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He stares down Draven before pacing back and forth as the music fades. He raises the mic to his face while the crowd cheers.*

    “2 weeks, in terms of any other competitor here in IWT taking 2 weeks off is nothing. Competitiors here do it all the time. Even Eric Draven here, how often is it we see this guy more than once a week? Or in Aids Johnson’s case, it’s been months. For everyone else, taking little breaks here and there has become habit. They think they have nothing to fight for without gold around their waists and well, that 2 week little break I’ve taken recently has been simply because of that reason. An IWT where Gav the Chav is IWT Champion is an IWT where I didn’t want to show my face in.”

    *The crowd gives a mixed reaction and Joey shakes his head.*

    “I apologize to you all, not only for not showing my face the last couple weeks, but for failing you all at Summerslam. Sure, I defeated Alias Antonio in the greatest match of 2014, but afterwards I just didn’t have it in me to hold off Gav’s momentum. So for the last few weeks, Gav has been running around holding my IWT Championship around his waist. 1 year ago today, if you would have told me I’d be losing my IWT Title after a long 4 month reign to Gav the Chav I would have slapped you and called you crazy, but it’s happened.”

    “This match dawned on me out of nowhere, but it’s a match I know I’m going to enjoy. I don’t like my partner very much at all, never have and never will, B.Dazzle was always the true star of that team and everyone knows it and he should’ve been the one to cash in and take my title, in that case, I would have been proud. But I digress, you don’t win matches in IWT by trash talking your allies, even if those allies are temporary. This isn’t the first time we’ve matched up, Draven, but it seems like each time we have we flip flop on who wins. You and your partner are certainly two of the greats but if I were talking in Martyr language here, you two are nothing but two wash-ups from the first generation. If you look at it that way, this match really is the first generation vs the second generation once again but in this match, it looks like the first generation is the weakest as usual. Draven, you’ve never even come close to holding the IWT Championship like I have and I’ve only been here one year. Even Gav has held a more important title reign with the tag belts than I can even think of you having. And then there’s Aids Johnson.”

    *Joey just lowers the mic for a second to listen to the crowd reaction to Aids Johnson. He looks behind his back almost as Aids was right there behind him.*

    “Come on you mother fucker, get out here. If I know Aids Johnson at all at this point I know you’d be out here first and foremost to talk down to everyone in the match just to prove your points early on and then build on them. You’ve been gone for months, ever since I took your IWT Title and made it mine. But ever since that day I’ve been waiting to stand face to face with you again for the hundredth time. I was pleased when you said you were back for gold, that only means Aids vs Joey III is only mere moments away from happening. I have yet to beat you one on one, so before you come out here and remind me of that, trust me, I know. It’s been eating at me ever since you left because I thought I’d literally never get the chance to show you why I’ve outgrown your legacy, that I’m better than a Hall of Famer. Because unlike you, once I become a 3x IWT Champion I’m not just going to pack my bags and leave when I’m defeated, I’m going to stay until I’m a 4x, 5x, 6x champion and become simply the greatest IWT has ever had.”

    “Gav, make yourself worthy tonight, prove you’re an IWT Champion. No bullshit. Are you gonna write me a little song, Gav? Huh? No, none of that, you get your ass out here and you fight like an IWT Champion or I’ll prove right away to all these people after the match what a fluke you are. IWT isn’t the same as it used to be they’re saying in the back, but it’s not just because Gav holds the IWT Title, but it’s because no one wants to put in effort for anything if they know they’re not fighting for a big match on the big stage. Climbing to fight Joey Bryant for the IWT Title sounds a lot better than climbing to face Gav the Chav, now doesn’t it?”
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  4. The music hits, and without preparation the crowd react to the return of Aids Johnson to IWT. He walks out to a mixed reaction, giving the Scott Hall reaction before walking down, rolling into the ring. Aids does the Hulk Hogan before catching a scripted mic toss from a man wearing the Aids Foundation shirt off ring. He gives his hero Draven a handshake before giving Joey Bryant a pat on the back waiting for the crowd to stop before holding the mic up.

    Hey yo. The return of the greatest man of all time. The former world champion who set the IWT on fire and gave a young competitor his chance a success. The hero of nations, the champion of efficiency and a god among men. Ladies and gentlemen, give your applause for the return of the phenomenal ERIC DRAVEN! My hero, I consider my biggest achievement being the first to visit you in the hospital, thanks for inviting me to team with you, brother.

    Now onto my successor, the man I gave the final push into the spotlight. I'd talk about how much I appreciate you and Gav, but the jerk fest shit just isn't appreciated amongst the community here. I'll give you credit, you are right saying I would normally be the first out the door, even as champion, to set the record straight and get my lines right. Unfortunately, the retirement community has told me their reaction to the old Aids Johnson, and I decided to talk my time using my walker to get down to the ring. You may be a near 3x champion, but until then I am still your hero and the greatest man to ever walk into this ring. Without Aids Johnson, is there even an IWT? Is there still Joey Bryant? Time will only tell, but for now I look forward to seeing you inducted in as the second greatest man to ever lace up.

    *Aids walks around, basking in the glory of the ring one more time, as he circles and waits for the chants of Joey Bryant to end*

    And onto my cheeky friend, the true definition of an Aids Johnson guy, the man who made shit on a dildo famous, and the 2nd Money in the Bank man to cash in, mr IWT himself! Gav the mother fucking Chav. oi you cheeky **** why dont you just come down here and get bent. My name is Aids and your mother had me before it was popular, that bitch sucked so much dick her proteins were off the charts. That **** fucked so many men, 50 cent wrote a song about what happened after he came insider. Come on now you dirty muff and let me say it to your face.
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    *the camera cuts to the ramp as gavs music begins to play and gav makes his way out to the ring wearing his IWT belt around his waist gav takes his belt and raises it in the air before handing it over to the ring side official and trading it for a mic and climbs into the ring and begins to speak*

    ( Gav the chav) THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA I've wanted to do that for do long I hope you 3 are listening because I gav the chav the current IWT champion is here you fucking cheeky ****s!

    *gav pauses for a moment to stare each man in the ring up and down before continuing to speak*

    So here I am aids You silly little **** you have something to say to me well im here so go on then nope you piped down Now eh? Thats what I thought too

    you know what aids your right I am an aids Johnson guy and I can Stand here and proudly say that you've been my number one supporter since day one and gav will never forget that you are not gavs enemy in all this your just simply the victim of being on the wrong side coz you see your little mate over there fucking eric draven he comes out here and chats complete shit saying all this shit about me you see you could come out here and call mam a slag or come out here and call me a scruffy little **** and I would not give a fuck but to come out here and disrespect me disrespect my race and call me a fake Really boils my piss!

    *gav the chav turns his attention towards eric draven*

    You see right just because im completely different to you and everyone backstage does not mean im a fake your just like all those other little cheeky ****s back hone who look down on people like just because of the way I may dress or the way I talk you sit there on your fucking high horse looking down on people like me thinking your fucking mint you walk past us when we stand on the corner of our street and treat us like shit and give us dirty looks like your something special people like you need to fuck off and leave us chavs along we can't help the way we are you wouldn't discriminate someone coz of their age or their skin colour or even their sexuality so why the fuck would you discriminate against someone for how they were brought up you look at me and you get jealous because I managed to do something none of you two or anyone backstage Could do and thats take this belt from joey bryant I even done it in the chaviest way possible for fuck sake

    *gav pauses for a moment before continuing to speak*

    But still that won't stop you you'll continue to spread these lies and try to turn gavs people against him because you hate me and because of the way I am you hate me because im a chav and now just coz gavs gained a little success you can't stand that and you want to try and ruin it but you know what right these people ain't gunna listen to you they know what I am they know who there champ is do go on eric carry on spreading your lies because we ain't listening and we don't give a fuck

    Ooc I probably won't get chance to post s second promo until tomorrow night is that ok?
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  6. Ooc:yeah that's cool with me
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  7. Ooc : Gav The Champ? Do you get a refund when DK takes your belt?
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  8. El Seaberino?
  9. Seabs Johnson?
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  10. U wot m8?

    Really though why you tag me?
  11. You wanted to do another promo didn't you?
  12. Yes I was assuming you 3 were going to do another one too lol I only said that in case you all did and were waiting ages for me to go again
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  14. Aids leads chants for himself why people jeer and boo in the crowd, holding up Dravens hand before the match has even concluded.
  15. Yes I think we're all done here

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