Aids Johnson called out D'Z?? OH HELL NO!@

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  1. The crowd pops hearing Razor Ramon's theme, assuming Champ Johnson is about to come out while paying homage to his idol. Two hands stick out of the curtain giving the "Kliq" hand gesture, and the crowd cheers once again. The man gesturing steps forward, and the crowd turns hostile as it is not Champ Johnson who steps forward, but Dolph'sZiggler.

    D'Z advances down the ramp to Razor Ramon's theme, mockingly holding his arms out in Scott Hall fashion. Amidst all of the ensuing chaos in the crowd, D'Z notices one fan holding his hand out. D'Z approaches the guy with a confused look on his face.

    I'm sorry, but you want a five? From me? You don't look quite retarded enough to be one of Aids' Make-a-Wish kids.... I don't understand it, but I admire you having courage in your convictions.

    D'Z humors the guy with a high five before continuing towards the ring. Fans begin jeering high five guy as he mockingly absorbs the boos. He turns towards the masses and strikes a Raven/Y2J-esque Jesus pose as the angry mob hurls everything from obscenities, nachos and beer in his direction.

    D'Z reaches the ring and again mocks Scott Hall, emulating his 'stomping' taunt before throwing his arms to the side.

    Hey yo! Chico! Believe me I wasn't angling for this match in any way, but you call me out for a match at the Slammys? Yea, I'll be there 'Champ' I've only got one thing to ask, and its more to amuse myself than anything. You want to face me so bad, big guy? But I'm assuming that silly piece of tin you carry around with you everywhere you go won't be up for grabs, now will it?

    To all you kiddies who look up to Aids as some sort of IWT God, just sit there and think about it. Why would Aids, the fighting champ, not want to put his belt on the line? There's only one reason. He wants the luxury of being the lucky son of a bitch to take the first ass whooping from D'Z in his debut match while not having to lose his status around here in doing so.

    I can't say it surprises me really. That's the political game he runs around here and you all empower him to do so. That's right, not just these pathetic fans, all of you morons in the back who let this guy run a train on this place while you just take it and ask for more; you are all enablers. But I guess this is just the way it works in the 'big leagues'.

    I'll flatter you all with this little match at some second rate show that didn't mean a damn thing before my name was on the marquee, but don't think I'm doing it for any of you. I've seen 'Champ' slowly deteriorate into the miserable piece of water trash he is today, but I know that inside of that man lives someone capable of much greater things. Much more destructive things. The evil living within AIDS FUCKING JOHNSON, not Champ, is something that maybe D'Z can't even handle. But I've come to IWT to find that man and eventually test myself against that killer, Aids Johnson, but step 1 comes at the Slammys and that is I first have to bring out the beast before I can conquer it.

    D'Z quickly exits the ring without acknowledging the crowd'd incessant booing.
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  2. UR NOT MAIN EVENT ME DAT KID ARE! WE sing contact to be main event and jonthern already argee to the term are match main event!
  3. It's Only the main event because It's your last match in IWT.....
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  4. Shit changes bro. Try not to cry.
  6. I winning dude! but when win i will not be back anyway. lol it was just one time thing.
  7. nobody is voting for your terrible incoherent bullshit in the co main event dick face
  8. I would! He's a great and powerful Emporer.
  9. haha. Bitch, get out of this thread, you dont draw shit and the champ just found himself a bigger/better challenge.
  10. Who asked you, Canadian bacon? I didnt see you on the slammy card :lol1: Seriously you better be returning soon, WM is coming up.
  11. I have a lot of Indy dates ATM, I'll let you know if/when I'm available. :kiss:
  12. ill still be champ.
  13. That's quite easy when you keep taking non title matches :umad:
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  14. there is no voting it go by acw scoring rules!
  15. So Either way It's a Win-Win Situation for IWT...

    Bye Gohan, Hope you enjoy Jobbing in ACW!
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  16. this was one time thing anyway either b/c under contant with ACW. my contact in this August so man when I win here i be back in IWT later this year!? :hmm:
  17. i defend at every ppv. You should know how that goes, we all know Senhor never defends at Uprising. Wait, Defended... :umad:
  19. Gohan, No one seems to want you in ACW, I Mean there is a petition that has been made to kick you out....and when you lose (which you will) you won't be able to return.

    You're not welcomed anywhere! :happy:
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  20. lol rob told that petion does not mean shit lol he keeping me acw!