Aids Johnson vs Airbourne82

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Aids vs Airbourne

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  1. Aids

  2. Airbourne

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    We have a match, scheduled for one fall. In the first corner, we have Airbourne908, and in the other. YOUR IWT CHAMPION!!!!!!!! And Million dollar title holder, AIDS, THE, JOCK!

    This match willl be 4 promo's total, with aids starting and the challenger having the final say, followed by 24 hours of voting.:happy:
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  3. Airbourne82.......:aries:
  4. And sure tomorrow works.
  5. Who the hell is this jobber. Aids wins by forfeit.
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  6. I think the GM will have some words for you....
  7. Excuse me? You can't just call matches like that. It is up to the people to decide who wins, not you!
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  8. R.I.P Airbourne.
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  9. Airbourne April 2013-May 2013 Rest in Peace
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  10. Wow thanks guys, nice to know I have your support.....
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  11. The guy is a beast. Once a user , debut against him and then, left the forums. But no pressure
  12. OH MY GOD I'M SO SCARED :eww2:

    No seriously, I don't really care if I win or lose, you guys are so damn competitive.

  13. The lights dim, and the crowd fills the arena with cheers and boos, as the colors fade and the arena goes black and white. Aids Johnson comes out to more cheer's than boos, as a smark crowd gives the kind of pop a dual champion deserves. Aids gets intothe ring with both his belts, holding one up one the far corner, then walking out to show up the IWT CHAMPIONSHIP as he faces the camera. He takes the mic.

    Airbourne, this is your lucky day. Frat's have initiations, cliques have initiation, but we have an Induction into the Kliq hall of fame. I am YOUR IWT CHAMPION (crowd boos, drowning out the announcers talking in the background) I am the Million Dollar title holder, and the leader of what will soon be the greatest thing to happen to YOUR IWT. Fans, Cheer your champion! (loud boos drown out, while aids holds his hands up in pose for his fans)

    Airbourne, a newcomer, a first time member, and a man unworthy of his champions time. His spirit is willing, but his body is just, too, weak. The reason i took this is to show senhor perfect what happens when i have a more qualified opponent (crowd laughs and jeers) where even he cannot face me. I would speak about Airbourne, but who cares about the kid who has never competed? This is a blessing for him, from nothing to jobbing in one smooth motion. When this is finished, just remember. I Control the IWT, I am your champion, and without me, you would be nothing.

  14. Oh what's that? I couldn't hear you with all that bullshit coming out of your mouth. But I did catch one thing, and that was you calling me a kid. I can agree with you on that. I'm a newbie. But this newbie likes to fight. (The crowd fills with cheers)

    You see instead of telling you a long over-dramatic back story of myself, I'll cut to the chase. I've worked from scratch to get here, and even if I don't come out of this victorious, I'll hold my head up high, because I know I have all my family back home cheering me on as they watch their little boy live his dream. His dream that he so desperately worked for. Tonight I an call them and tell my mama, "Mama, I did it, I made it."

    Tonight is the night I not only BEAT you, but the night that Joel Rain make an impact here at IWT and show the whole IWT universe that Joel Rain is here to stay!
  15. It will be hard to hold your head up high when you are down on the mat like you get down on Matt's. I am YOUR #1 champion, and there is nothing you can do to beat me. I made this match hoping you would face someone, somewhere, who was deserving of the fans time. Someone who could carry you to a match worth witnessing. Unfortunately you brought yourself ot me, where it is a fact of any situation with the champ included. I will defeat you, i will defeeat senhor, and when it is all said and done, you will consider yourself lucky to have started in this federation with a lesson. When you want to be the best, you have to beat the rest. You need to start at the bottm and work your way up. YOU WILL be ready someday, but today is not that day. Now let's keep it simple. Your time is up, MY TIME, is now.
  16. Once again, I agree with you. I am at the bottom of the ladder, but that doesn't mean I can't make an impact. I plan to shoot up to the top of the ladder in no time. My first step with will my hardest, and that's defeating you Aids, IWT Champion, Million Dollar Champion, Jonathan Ass Kissing Champion. Oops, was that last one no yours? Well, I'm surprised, I thought for sure you'd be the Jonathan Ass Kissing Champion by now. I guess you need to keep trying, you'll hold that title in no time! Anyways, back to the point. I have a lot of steps to go through until I get to the top of that ladder, each IWT Superstar, hell, maybe even Divas, will fall to the feet of Joel Rain so I can rightfully take my place at the top of the ladder. Just you wait Aids, I'm gonna be there real soon. See you there bud.
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  17. So who do guys think won?
  18. Nice start. Nice battle. Will vote later