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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @Aids Johnsonvs @THG?

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. The lights dim as the crowd cheers in anticipation, and Aids Johnson appears on the titantron as the music hits.

    A string of pyro blasts goes off, and the crowd gives a huge pop as Aids walks out, wearing his IWT championship belt around his waist. He stops at the ramp, throwing his fists up in the air, before running down and sliding into the ring. Aids hands the title to an assistant outside of the ring - taking a mic from his hand - before walking to the center of the ring.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...The Champ! is! HERE! *crowd pops loudly as Aids laughs, making a 3/4th circle before facing the entrance. Tonight we get to witness Aids vs Alias Antonio, the man who has defeated me once and reminded you about it over a hundred times. He was a member of the cure, he was a face, he turned heel and then switched back, and now he is a member of the Order! *crowd boo's loudly* but we can get to that point when he comes out.

    You see I should have just avoided this match. I have nothing to gain, and everything to lose, but everyone knows when I see potential I just cannot back away from it. Unfortunately for all of us involved, this pathetic excuse for a human being has sould his talent to the honor of the Order, a group that rivals only myself in attempting to find way to keep themselves in the front pages of the IWT news week in and week out. They interrupted my match with Victoria Parker, my final big victory, and had the balls to entitle themselves to ending my families misery.

    *Aids starts pacing back and forth, shaking his head while smiling, mumbling to himself.

    They ended my families misery, and have shaken the box with the sole intention of assaulting me to the point of breaking. Now I know those fools are intellectual failures, and probably did not understand what they were witnessing when I faced Victoria Parker, but the destruction of the few people on this Earth i loved has given me nothing but strength. They have two members who are going for the tag team #1 contendship at the Elimination chamber. Two members are in World Heavyweight EC qualifiers, and apparently Farooq hasn't realized he somehow found his way into the IWT qualifiers. Am I forgetting someone? Ahh yes, the low man on the pole, Antonio Alias. My former Cure associate, and the man who I will be running through first.

    Come on out Alias, and you can bring the dogs with you, because I brought my shovel tonight, and I intend to bury one of you female dogs.
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  3. *When You're Evil by Voltaire commences to reverberate through the PA System. Suddenly, the lights go out, instigating a mixed crowd reaction. Shortly after, smoke begins to arise from the ramp, and in the midst of it, out comes Alias Antonio with a glooming smirk on his face, X-Division title resting on his shoulder. He saunters down to the ring walking in an assured manner, looking as focused as ever. Before entering the ring, he wipes his boots on the apron and flips of the crowd and Aids Johnson. Once in the ring, he grabs the mic out of Aids' grasp aggresively.*

    Long time no see, eh, cocksucker!? *Alias laughs exaggerately* Last time we were together in this ring, it was when you just were proclaimed the winner and STILL champion after your fatiguing, gruesome, brutal bout you had with that demented psychopath VP, just to have me plant your doltish head on the outside. And no, this isn't the only time I've kicked your ass. Wanna know what happened the first time we met in this ring? *Crowd boo expecting what Alias is about to say* That's right! I beat you within an inch of your life and I chucked your revolting soul over to those unforgiving flames, which undoubtebly left you scarred for life.

    Maybe I do call up my grandious victory over you once in a while, but why wouldn't I? When you are winning a war almost everything that happens can be claimed to be right and wise. And when I supposedly bask in my glory it's for the right and wise reason, because that's who I am, a right and wise person. But apart from being a wise, right person, I am also a merciless, remorseless son of a bitch. So it's a lose/lose situation when you're in the ring with me Aids Johnson, isn't that so? You've foundered twice with me, and they say third time's a chard, but not with me amigo, because whilst in your pathetic world that you cover all of it with your own ego, in my world, you're a born, destined loser. And everyone should attest that.

    *Crowd vociferously boo with some chanting: Fuck you Alias, fuck you! clap x2. and some smarks chanting Fuck him up Alias, fuck him up! clap x2.*

    One thing that I will never forgive myself for, is not capitalizing on the momentum I had and challenge you for the IWT title, and I hate myself for that, because instead we got to see VP's dull persona take on you for the 100th time, of course with the added motonoty of that deceitful traitor son of a bitch, DK James. But even with the rocket stuck up his ass, he couldn't do the job, and beat you. And look where he is now? Serving a so called omnipotent God, who does nothing but lose and lie all the time? That's why I hate myself, because if I had challenged you for that belt when I had the chance, none of this BS would have happened, and I would have been the one standing where you're standing with that prestigious IWT Title around my waist, and you would have been the one where I'm standing, pleading for a match against me. You're not even X-Division quality Aids, so you would have NOTHING if it wasn't for your fluke victories. But it is against your strongest opponents, where you're exposed for being a feeble, lucky shithead.

    I heard you namedrop The Order a few times, and it seems like you're giving them more attention then you'd desire, isn't that the case Aids? I am not an official member of The Order, I'm just what you simpletons would call an "ally". They have my back, I have theirs. The thing is they actually live up to their promise, unlike some "God" that wonders around here in the IWT. And when they told me that they would be attacking you and VP after the main event, I did nothing but cooperate, because there wasn't a thing I would have loved to do more than get my conniving hands on you again. And I relished each and every moment of that ambush, because it's what an asshole like you deserves. And an asshole like you also deserves their parents to perish and regret ever giving birth to you. I may sound like a vile human being, but that's what I am, I take pride in being a vile human being, because ultimately being a vile human being overcomes someone who is........................SOFTER THAN BABY SHIT!

    *Alias pushes the mic into Aids' chest violently and looks at Aids crazily*
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  4. *Aids smirks as Alias finishes, clearly anticipating his quote before Aids boots him with a kick downstairs, removing the mic once again from Alias' hands*

    You are so full of bullshit it's going to make you piss blood tonight. *crowd pops* You are an ally of the Order? You even being associated with that foul group of fowls is enough for me to bury you here gladly. Listening to you talk is a disease to my eardrums, after you lose your x-divison title and lowcard out of this company, you will make a great correspondence on the FOX news network. You are so full of shit it makes me sick. You were once a great competitor, an up and comer in the industry, hell even after the Cure YOU were the one winning against Dover, who is now known as Sir Lee the British Elite, and yet where are you now? You talk about capitalizing but anyone who has half a brain knows you settled like the coward you are. You had all the momentum in the world, and what did you do with it? Brag about beating me to people who grew tired of it after DAYS of it happening. And you want to call me Lucky!? You!?

    You are undeserving of my time and yet i keep putting you in the place hoping you remove your head from your ass and realize that you could be at a level where DK James stands. You could have been the person these fans cheer for, the ones they all are behind. But instead, you settle. YOU take the easy way out and lower yourself to the level of X-division to prove a point against david, someone not even worthy of my mentioning!? If they ranked the cure members, you would be last on the list by far. Sure, no one even remembers Jwab was a part of the cure. They didn't even realize that Ben Dover was the one carrying the lead after you no-showed the tag title match with Jwab and disgracing the name I so graciously picked up. George has come back, Alias, and it's not me you need to fear.

    You and I both know George is coming, and he isnt going for the top first, no he is going to work his way up and attempt to build fear in my way before finally coming for me, and who is first? You think he will come for Jwab, or David? He certainly wont be coming for Sir Lee, no he will be going after you. He is going to no-show his EC qualifier and in that place he will end up demanding an X-division shot against you, and against David, and after he defeats you he will hand you your low-card joke of a title back, and move forward to the next member. You should be thanking your lucky stars I am giving you a chance to move forward, because if you beat me you won't be going after the IWT title anytime, that much anyone with eyes can see.

    You'll be creating some distance between you and George, and we both know you need it.

    Aids drops the mic down at Alias, and having proved his point, backs into the ropes and flips onto the outside, dropping down and grabbing his bottle of scotch from the assistant, holding his IWT championship belt up as the fans cheer loudly.
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  5. *Alias shakes his head, and gets up angrily*

    Being aligned with The Order has brought nothing but success to my side at the moment, I got this belt *Alias lifts the X-Division title* And sure, maybe it does mean horseshit and maybe there is no Cure to this division, but regardless of whatever division I am in, I will persist my winning ways, no matter who stands in my way. You say I'll make a great FOX News correspondant, but what you should really be Aids is a motivational speaker, because you're speech touched my feelings, it touched them good. *Alias grins* Because when you come at me with your speeches, they motivate me to become something.....BIGGER. Whenever I know that I am getting in the ring with Aids Johnson, I really do bring my A game, and I wonder to myself, why only when I face Aids Johnson? And after hearing your ever so motivational speech I realized I bring my A game when I face you because there is no other person I hate most in this planet other than you cocksucker.

    I am not lucky, YOU ARE. Because I actually squared off against talented people like Nick, like Ben, like Kaizer, like David, but YOU! You for months faced the same old redundant has-beens and never will bees. No one actually gave you a challenge Aids, you lived the easy life, but that, haha, that stops now, because I have you know, that all this vent up anger and frustration brewing inside of me, is soon gonna erupt.......and it's going to erupt right in your face Aids Johnson! I could be at DK's level you say? Serving a loser? Losing title shot after title shot after title shot, after goddamn title shot. I say I couldn't capitalize on my victory over you, but this kid couldn't capitalize on ANYTHING. He's a worthless talentless moron, and if he thinks he could beat me, I gladly welcome him to step in this ring with me, anytime, anyday.
    I don't need these petty fans by my side, because I've proven that I can be succesful in spite of them. Something you can't seem to accomplish. Aids, do you really need these losers by your side? DZ was right, you fucking don't. Your claims that I disgraced the Cure name are beyond absurd. It was you who walked into The Cure with clear intentions, you walked in and used us to win the IWT Title. And don't fucking deny it because we all know those were your intentions. You took everything The Cure stood for ever since you joined it, and not even "God" can rebuild such a thing.

    First of all, I do not fear anyone, let alone that traitor George. He rage-quitted the IWT after losing like the bitch he is to that old man Senhor, and comes back thinking he can destroy "The Cure"? The Cure is already destroyed, no matter what Dat Kid thinks he's doing, The Cure's flame is extinct, and if George still wants to hold grudges, I have no problem what Senhor did to him, and beat him to a bloody pulp.
    I know your game, Aids, trying to make me distraught and agitated over George returning, but it don't scare me one bit. One thing that should concern you though, is me. Because if I beat you tonight, I should be at least guaranteed a title shot. And it's understandable that your main priorities stand in the Elimination Chamber right now, but a thing I've learnt is to never relax, because if you do become victorious, I'll be creeping in the shadows, waiting for the correct time to win the IWT Title.

    And trust me......this time, I WILL capitalize.

    *Alias drops the mic and suddenly dives on the outside onto Aids Johnson, signalling the start of this contest*

    OOC: @Shadow @Stopspot Voting time, make it public also.
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  6. done
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  7. Holy fuck that was close. That was fun as hell to read.
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  8. Oh! Oh man, "it's going to erupt right in your face Aids Johnson!" LMFAO. That line needs to be in a porno.

    Voting Alias, not because of the Order alliance mind you. I actually liked his better. Aids seemed like he was off in the distance talking about the Order and George and so on, but THG kept his focus on Aids and didn't let him deter him from his goal.
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  9. Keep em votes coming, last time me and Aids faced we only had 3 votes in total lol
  10. Voted Alias. Why? :damn:
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  11. :awyeah: im not even mad. Aids vs Alias should be the top two names in the company, and this should prove why. Just know if/when i face you at a PPV THG you wont be going first and i'll be the one with the last word.
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  12. Alias = Real champ
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  13. LMAO meet me at a ppv, ill show you paper.
  14. Voting Alias, kept his focus squarely on the champ. Aids as always good shit
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  15. You really are becoming FTJ.
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  16. I know my burial awaits. Just messing with you bro
  17. Hey, I play the part well ;) :isee:
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  19. Your winner by 8 votes to 6... @THG?!
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  20. Alias 2-0 Aids. I'll be looking forward to match number 3 champ. gg <3.
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