Aids Johnson vs Sackfist

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  1. Sackfist

  2. Aids The Jock

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    The music hits, and Aids Johnson walks out with a huge smile on his face, mic in hand.

    This, ladies and gentleman, is a match scheduled for one fall. Tuesday, May 7th, Aids Johnson vs Sackfist. The former future of FNW vs the man who proceeded this IWT universe we stand and play in today. This is a non-title match, however this is what will be the first of what will be many, many matches. Top heel vs top face. Current champ vs future HoF'er. Champion vs Champion.

    Sackfist accepted, and i will give him the glory of choosing whethere he wants first or last.
  2. See you in 2 days Champ
  3. Sackfist wins, fuck aids.

  4. Champ steps out holding his cruiserweight title on his shoulder and removes his black sunglasses, walks to the ring and slides in wearing a black sleeveless hoody and white t-shirt.

    So it looks like I am going one on one with Aids Johnson, previously I took on the World Heavyweight Champion Christian which ended in double disqualification due to interference. However I am lucky enough to have a little conversation between the Champion and the attacker Victoria Parker:


    Interesting, now I didn't come out here to deal with that, but Aids, you challenged me to this match, I don't want to see your little Jonathon ass-kissing alliance come out here and save you when it gets too hot in the kitchen, or your ass being pulled by the GM. You want this match, and I think you should reconsider, you haven't much momentum going against Senhor perfect at Extreme Rules, you want a win, and when I win here tonight, people will know that I am going for glory. A victory over the WWE Champ puts me in the spotlight, and once I am in it I shall never leave it.

    So Champ, we go way back, but I want a match, no holding back, give the fans something they want to see. So get your Milwaukee ass out here and I'll beat you just like the Cradinals beat your brewers
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    Announcer: Aids Johnson comes back, wearing a Brewers jersey, black shoes, and some Khaki shorts. He has a mic in hand, and takes his sweet time coming into the ring to be face to face with his opponent. He is challening one of the few he considers to be his mentor, previous to his IWT title reign. He is looking to send sackfist a message, this isn't the high fives and smiles Aids we are used to as-of-late.

    *Aids suddenly turns, and puts on a big smile, holding up his IWT title in front of sackfist, as the crowd is mixed with cheers and boos, soon overcoming to "overrated" chants. Aids grin stays on, as he fakes throwing a toothpick out of his mouth at sack, making him flinch momentarily. Aids regains his position over sackfist, looking down on him and standing face to face before finally taking a breath to speak.

    "Champ? You, Champ? You, sackfist, are a manchild, unsure if you are even deserving of the midcard titles you hold at the moment. The Legend of FNW, Sackfist, the only person more over than me to come out of that era *Crowd cheers* and the most deserving man of a loss at my hands. *boos fill the arena, as Sackfist is shown with a half smile on his face* We both know who you are, where you come from, and what you are capable of, but i dont plan on exploiting anything to prove myself over you here. No, these fans are undeserving of my full potential when i face ANYONE outside of when it is for my title. I am Aids Johnson, IWT champion, and the face of this company. I am the reason the people come to witness our events, and without me, you would just have another faceless champion like Senhor, or worse, a Coward like FTJ and Seabs, who were too afraid to even put up a worthy challenge for their own belts.

    You may put asses in the seats, sackfist, but i give them a reason to become champion. You will grab up every title you can put your capable hands on, and people will fear you. They will try to find ways around facing you, and try to move favor in their direction because they KNOW what you mean to the fans, and how the IWT feels about what you are capable of. Do you see the difference?

    The difference, is me. I am beatable, but there is no one ANY member of this company would rather face. I am soon to be the longest reigning IWT champion in the short history of this company, and even if i lose here, everyone will know that I am the one who grabbed your hand to pull you up to the divisions you belong in. There is no you, without me. But really, we have no needs for all this. No need for these stables, or jokes about what a GM has done for me? You can remember things how you want, but remember, history is written by the victors, and while i am IWT champion, you are just a front line commander holding the midcard belt we allow you to. In the end, there is only me.

    You see, people have forgotten Wrestlemania too quickly. We had a GM leave us, suddenly coming back after the success was earned prepared to enjoy the fruits of the labors of others. We have a stale champion losing, and then becoming LESS active to somehow prove himself as "focused." We have witnessed growth in our group, as a pathetic attempt at a wedding has resulted in chaos all over the IWT, and even effecting my match with Airbourne. Still, it all ended, and here we are, 10 days from Extreme Rules and nothing relevant has changed. You will say something in reply to this post, and then i plan on putting you to sleep. After this ends, when you wake up in the hospital, you wont feel so alive.
  6. Woah Aids, I think Airbourne hit you so hard you are seeing cartoon birds flying around your head. You pull me up the division to where I belong? I am a humble competitor, I could have been like you, Gohan, and the rest, and go straight for the WWE title, but I knew on my return where I stood, I needed to earn respect back and I have done that in the mid-card division and I will continue to do that. You say you let me hold my belt, I am the guy bringing new guys into this business, I am the guy providing competition to this company, competition guys like you, who reject there challenges, but when you accept them they beat you and show they deserve to be here.

    As far as I am concerned, you, IWT's version of Lauranaitis, Vicky and the whole sesame street gang can do what you wish, I had the World Champion Christian beat and I will have you beat. Aids, I hate to say it, your failing as a champion, your losing your spark. At Wrestlemania you won, but your only as good as your last match, and Aids your last match wasn't your best, just like tonight isn't your best.

    Anyway you look at it, you needed a faction to be stronger and you have ended up losing a match and your only match as champion to date since your sesame street gang began. I on the other hand can fend for myself, I won the title you see on my shoulder and will defend it successfully at Extreme Rules in a 2 out of 3 falls match. I will then win a 2nd title, because my left shoulder is getting a little cold without any gold, and that is the European title. I will do it on my own, no stable, one on one and then these fans who say come for you will take their vote and on that night when the lights shine oh so bright, I will be a double champion. Aids I don't believe you will be. 10 days counting down. Tick...Tock....Tick....Tock until Senhor reclaims the belt
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  7. A great competitor once told me that the important part of a character, was the build. Wins and losses mean nothing, as long as you end up a champion. Well, while you were gone, leaving FNW for dead, i was still competing. When the IWT was formed, you were nothing more than the name I had claimed would be the man for the job. And finally, when you returned, I was there to promote you as a competitor worth fearing. Now, somehow you see this match as a life and death match for the reign of Aids Johnson? This title is mine, and it goes to Senhor Perfect over my dead body. I am the most active member in the IWT, and a champion that gives reasoning to more fans joining daily. I run from no challenge, but refuse to accept members wasting time demanding shots they don't deserve. You can accept any challenge because, let's be honest, not many people are knocking at your door.

    Sack, you look at your three titles as a way of gaining new members in, while i see it as a way of keeping our quality competitors in the midcard. You want to stay there? Fine. I was pulled up into the IWT title scene, and had previously been defeated in the US title match vs Farooq, another competitor who dropped the belt out of shame, only to come back begging for more opportunities.

    At the end of the day, the fan's know who is here for them, and who will drop away the moment their backs are against the wall, and that is why you want the midcard belts. It's because you can't handle being in my position, to be denied greatness due to jealousy by others who would rather vote against you than accept your greatness. I wish that on you, but like Senhor Perfect, when you finally lose, you will just sink back to the shadows, leaving the fans, the locker room, and your community all...disappointed.

    Now that we are past the formalities, we should focus on what is important. Me. I have been champion for long enough to see competitors rise, fall, fade, and return with hopes of glory. You know what has been the consistent factor? Me. Even before my IWT title run, before i slipped on past Dat Kid on my way to beating Senhor Perfect and bringing and end to what had previous been a laughter of mediocrity in the title scene, I was there to let people know what matters most. Me. I am the Million dollar champion, and without Big Hoss, there would be no formation of myself and Jonathan as a team. Without Britanica's departure during the most critical time of the IWT, there would be no reason for Jonathan to join with the future champion to make the card more important, more exciting. Without jokes like Frank the Cock demanding respect, but claiming rights only to predictions cups, the importance of my match vs Senhor Perfect would be less great. And without you, i wouldn't have understood that this isn't about wins and losses, but who comes out as Champion. 10 more days, until i become the longest reigning IWT champion in this companies short history....and when that time comes, you have the right to join in with the fans..."You're infected."

    Now, hit my music.
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