Aids plan for the 2nd IWT WrestleMania

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  1. The lights dim, and Aids Johnson walks out to a crowd popping loudly, doing his normal Scott Hall stride down, before posing at the top of the ramp. Aids signifies a belt around his waist, and then jogs down into the ring before sliding in. He forgoes the corners, going straight towards the person handing him a microphone, and his bottle of scotch.

    The champ! IS! DK James *Crowd pops loudly* but the GOAT is here. This Wrestlemania we have seen a lot of big name returns, new names have risen - while older names have fallen. I vow not to be that person, but I have decided the best thing i can do for the IWT universe, is to allow DK James to have his time in the limelight at Wrestlemania, and he has more than earned it. Sure, I might as well have no-showed the EC match, and Dolph's and Trip most certainly were the performers who did the most in our match, but honestly all that who won the match.

    I tip my hat to DK James, because now he knows what it feels like to be hated. He knows what disrespect and jealously look like, while all the other competitors shame themselves by taking their shots at you, and most importantly he has handled his time on the top well.

    Now does this mean this is the end of Aids Johnson? No, far from it. I have too many accolades to allow myself to move down the card with the likes of the Dat Kid's and Alkaline's of this company, but what i do have is a plan for the future of the IWT. You all are in the process of witnessing what my first member is adding to the 3rd generation of IWT, but that is far from the end. You see, I am going to be waiting until Extreme Rules to use my rematch clause, and if it is Bruce Knight *small pop* DK James *huge pop* - or a 3rd competitor to the IWT match, I intend on letting my track record speak for itself at extreme rules, and I not only intend to come out as your IWT champion, no.

    I will be walking out as IWT champion and the future leadership of the company. You see Jonathan has openly admitted he has avoided my match requests in the past, and clearly is facing the unknown because it is well known he jobs. Our other GM has been less active than Frank the Jock is during the peak of Ice cream rapi...I mean sales in the country.

    The future of the company looks greater daily, and it is all because of what I intend on bringing to the IWT. Let's face it, there is going to be a change in the IWT after wrestlemania. There will be only two options; you can get on the bus, or run beside it as we drive away without you. The choice is yours. Oh, and as far as Wrestlemania goes, you can plan on seeing me there, in one way or another. Your future four time IWT champion is finished here.

    Aids takes a pull from his bottle, and laughs as the crowd chants between *We've got AIDS* and *Aids just sucks* while Aids Johnson walks up the ramp, shaking his head.
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  2. Nice promo, i think the "We Hate Aids" Seems a little better than "Aids Just Sucks" haha, any way good promo Aids...
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  3. Dat hook :gusta:
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  4. Nice promo, eager to find out what you do at Mania.
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  5. as Aids walks towards the back, he suddenly turns, walking back to the top of the ramp.

    Aids gives the Rodgers champ belt approach, as the crowd pops loudly, before yelling out THE CHAMP IS HERE! before walking towards the back.