Storyline Aids set's a challenge.

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  1. Tonight, performing live in San Diego, California, we have the Great, Ronald Jenkees! *Crowd huge pop*

    Ronald Jenkees is seen with two keyboards, as he sets up his intro, before Aids walks out to the ramp to a loud crowd pop, Dancing like an idiot next to Jenkees, before holding up his title at the ramp, running down into the ring. As Aids get's in, he stops at the bottom two corners, holding up his title and point out, yelling towards the fans about what he plans on doing tonight. Aids stops, and grabs the mic, before thanking Ronald Jenkees, as the music stops.

    You know, i've got almost two weeks before my match vs DKJames, for the IWT TITLE! *holds up the title as fans mark, chanting Aids Johnson and Dk James against each other* and that just feels like too long for your champion to wait. I thought i had something setup for this weekend, but tonight, i'm issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back. Who want's to step up and become the next Alias? Who want's to put it all up against the great one, attempting to step on my back on a path to the IWT Championship?

    Aids Goes up to another corner, holding up his belt and yelling out "And you know i'm no stepping stone!" before settling back down.

    I have nothing else to add, it's time to settle in and prepare for a match involving the Hoke Ogan of the IWT, brothers! Now who want's to square up against the champ?!

    Aids moves back, before jumping and grabbing a seated position on the turnbuckle, waiting for a response.
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  2. Just came to say I just watched his throwing fire video and my mind is blown
  3. Ronald Jenkees is so damn awesome. HELLO YOUTUBES!
  4. *gav the chav grabs his coat then jumps in his car and heads for the arena*

    (gav the chav) i'm gunna get this mother fucker
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  6. OOC: I would volunteer, but seems Gav beat me to it. Go get em Gav!
  7. ....3's company too.
  8. 4 too much? :please:
  9. never.
  10. OOC: Up to you man, you made the challenge, I would assume you get to pick.
  11. OOC I'll face you all. Come out in character and let's get this party started, i dont care if 8 people showed up, time for some fun.
    ....and by face you all i dont mean a 7v1 lol. Any match is fine though.
  12. OOC: Oh I didn't realize it was right now. About to head home from work. Later tonight I can post I suppose.
  13. the promos will be 24 hours at least haha, whenever works for me.
  14. *gav pulls up in his car and heads straight to the ring he takes a mic as he enters the ring and stares menicingly at aids without saying a word
  15. ooc arn't you 2 a tag team if so how about me and aids v u 2
  16. pass, i'm going to knock you out you cheeky mother fucker.
  17. OOC: Looking for a new character, but don't want to use my ACW gimmick, so I'll go with this one I guess

    A figure is shown, slowly walking through the arena from the back. He is dressed in a black hoodie and black jeans, and makes his way through the curtain. It reveals Nick, his hair dyed dark brown and all over the place, soaked in water. He makes his way down the ramp and knocks out the time keeper before grabbing a mic from his body. He rolls into the ring and removes his hood. Nick stares menacingly into the eyes of his opponents, no emotion on his face. S
  18. Oi you little cheeky ****
  19. Kick his ass Gav!
  20. OOC: Yeah DX is done I guess and so is our tag team. Wouldn't be above trying to tag with someone else though