Aids the god damn champ.

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  1. The cure walk out before the music even begins, and as the music hits the crowd goes wild, as Aids Johnson walks out into the IWT arena, wearing his new title around his waist.

    Commentator 1: What a waste of space, that cheating son of a...
    Commentator 2: You watch what you say about OUR champioN!

    Eddy walks into the ring first, as the rest of the Cure members follow suit, clapping as Aids walks out of the entrance, before holding his title up so everyone can see. Aids laughs, as the crowd boo's overwhelmingly. He stops at the top of the ramp, declaring "hey hey hey" as he smiles and contiunes to walk down, sliding into the ring.
    Aids laughs and shrugs it off, as he walks into the ring, which is filled with members of The Cure. Aids walks in, and David the Giant hands him his microphone.

    2 time, 2 time, 2 time! Aids Johnson your hero is here! *crowd boos*

    You moronic mother fuckers want something different? " Aids Johnson only talks about his past, all he does is talk about his past accomplishments." Aids says while using his fingers to quote the public.

    *Aids stops and laughs, give a few handshakes and high fives out, before he walks into the corner of the ring, as the crowd boo's their asses off. Aids throws up the middle finger, as he laughs. Aids holds up the microphone.


    *the crowd boos as aids laughs again, before he holds the mic back up*

    Johnson. Johnson. The first two time champ in history! Managed by Dat kid, your FAVORITE IWT manager. Jonathan who? Brita? Even im not kidding you, those people really thought they made what we call a company....a company! The greatest man to ever hold your favorite IWT microphone. The man who sleeps with the ring announcer you make dirty jokes over. The MAN who spends his time on top of your first female champion.

    Thats right, dat kid isnt the only one to take Victoria Parker to the Park Inn and Park inside that stinky, oversized, waste of space. *Crowd boos*

    And yet here i am. Jonathan loves me, you all hate me, and you know what matters the most? ME. Big E Rection gave me the option to pick who replaced me in the tournament. You know what I said? Gav The Chav *Crowd Pop* Gav, that mother fucking chav. Put in the main event, the same way i was brought into the IWT. I was denied, and laughed at when i posted it. You dont think Gav deserves it? What's really funny, is you said the same thing about me.

    Here i am, the biggest IWT champ in history, and the first 2 time IWT champ. You know who i chose? David, the giant. You must want to know WHY it was i chose him. You are too blind to see it? And that is why you will never be in my position. David is going to go over Sackfist, he is going to retire him they way EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU knows i would. After that? He is going to send the Cure Reject back to the midcard, and we will end up having David vs Aids.

    This company will HAVE to put the main event into perspective. Face it. You fucking people?

    You are the cancer, we have the CURE.

    *Aids hands the mic to David, laughing as he does so*
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  2. David: You're damn fucking right my brother Johnson. You see, IWT has been diagnosed and intoxicated with so much cancer the morons on here look past it and don't even notice it. Victoria was a cancer and the problem was Cured when my brother took that championship away from her in the classiest fashion, she didn't even stand a chance. Now although you may think The Cure has had a few set backs with George leaving, but I'm going to let all of you on a little secret...

    *David whispers to the crowd.*

    David: George was a waste of space anyway, and I'm surprised I could have tolerated him for that long with the size of his goddamn ego.

    *David stops whispering and looks back at Aids.*

    David: Anyway, this isn't about some cancer, this is about our fucking damn champion! He may not be the champion you guys want, and none of you cancers DESERVE a great champion like him, but he is the champion you all need to lead this company to the top. All Victoria did was hold that title and keep it real warm, because in the end she can't hold a candle to the ability of Aids... which brings me back to the IWT world title tournament.... I hate to crush your dreams, but I'm going to be taking this IWT tournament by the neck and I'm going to hold it secure. First, I face an irrelevant man named...

    *David stops for a bit trying to figure out what his name is, then a fan member screams "Sackfist!"

    David: Oh yeah, I am going to beat someone no one really cares about in Sackfist, then I'll beat the guy that was oh so keen in joining The Cure, but in the end got rejected... Joey Bryant. You see, Joey has been on the role of his life lately, but he has to remember the last time me and him were in the ring together he was made into my personal bitch, now he brags that he is the reason why Farooq quit IWT, when I am the fucking Son of a bitch who took the only thing in IWT that still made him relevant, his X-Division title.

    *David looks around again, fans are chanting "Adam! Adam! Adam! Adam!"

    David: Oh, I even almost forgot, the sorry excuse for a challenger I have... Adam. Many of you are thinking "If you end up beating Sackfist, David, what will happen to your X-Division match at NoC because you have to face DK?" Well, I'm going to give you my best reply, pimping aint easy bitch. Yeah, I'll have to work double duty, but I'll do it fucking well. I'll beat Adam, I'll beat DK, then I'll face YOUR champion, Aids. And you want to know how I'll beat two of IWT's wrestlers? (I don't even want to say greats) Because I am just that damn good. I am the King of IWT, and soon Sackfist... DK and Adam will have to experience their horrible faith.

    You are the cancer, we are The Cure.
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    Aids laughs as he claps for david, before taking the mic back.

    And Those failures who claim they are part of a crusade, will fail.

    Georgie, i finished what you started. *Crowd boos*

    We now own all the major titles, and unfortunatley you vs senhor perfect will end up being the ultimate pre-show match. NoC will be one the biggest shows ever, and for the most part it willl be because Danielson will get sent back to the midcard he came from. Aids Johnson.

    Dat kid told me ill have the next week off for uprising, now that david is taking my place. I dont plan on bo-lieving and spending my time at Disney Land, no. Instead i plan on spending my time at a different theme park. Ill be skeeting with Lady Deathbane, while she becomes more relevant than she ever could in IWT without me. I am so much more than cancer, and baby, there is no cure.

    As a matter of fact. Big E Rection get out here, i could use my manager to talk for me at this point, im tired of wasting my breath. *Aids goes on the corner in an Austin Aries pose, waiting for Dat Kid.
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  4. god damn IWT shit, god damnit
  5. *rants about Aids' win on ITWforums*
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  6. Dat Kid comes out dancing with his cane​
    Myyyyyy nigga! Aids da muddafuckin Johnson! Can we have a round of applause for a nigga?! Give it up for Aids Johnson.​
    Dat kid places the cane between his legs and rides it down to the ring like a horse. He points to Aids NWO style with the cane.​
    Ladies & Gentlemen, this man has fought his way through the disadvantage of being a generic white guy, alcoholism, and most importantly Gonorrhea to stand here and to be the man you see here tonight! This man is the epitome of sacrifice!​
    The crowd which is slightly confused, still boos! Dat Kid gets angry and throws his cane to the ground​
    You shut your god damn mouths! This man, for 288 days and counting has fought in this ring while he had crabs! You people don't know what sacrifice is! This is a man who missed the Daytona 500 so he could be here! You will show him some respect!​
    Dat Kid walks in the ring​
    Mrrrrrrr Aids Johnson Johnson! Had to say Johnson twice to represent the number of inches on his Johnson, that man is a lady killer! ​
    Dat Kid looks at how David is standing next to Aids​
    ..or man killer...not that there's anything wrong with that :urm:
    Aids tonight we're gonna go celebrate your victory! I already called all your favorite people. Your illegitimate child, your cousin a.k.a the mother of that child, and I even got your parole officer to come by!​
    Crowd laughs​
    Don't laugh! This isn't a joke! You will respect this man! Aids Johnson is not a joke! You think him nearly getting beat in his Money in the Bank match is funny! You think him having to snuggle up to rookies to save his career is a joke! You think him becoming champion again after leaving during his last reign is a joke?! You think him walking in to Night of Champions and losing to me is a joke?! ​
    Show this man respect! You can take away his title, but you can't take away his pride!...or herpes! ​
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  13. A black hooded figure jumps over the barricade, scoots into the ring, grabs and holds Aids tightly in a chokehold. The hood slides off and reveals Victoria as the culprit. As David charges over, Victoria says, "I wouldn't do that if I were you. It's far too easy for me to snap his neck until we're all put out of our misery and never have to see his pitiful, pathetic face ever again. He will lie lifeless in this ring if you take one step closer to me.

    "Just try me and see what happens!", Victoria shouts as she looks wildly at David and Dat Kid. She smiles slightly when she sees no one making a move. She turns her attention to Aids who is still locked in tight in her grasp. "And you Aids, you have brought this upon yourself. The first thing you do as champion is put that disgusting, spike-haired fool on that title. That beautiful title that meant everything to me. You made a mockery of me Aids, and I don't respond very well to that. I should end your pitiful existence right now!" Victoria's voice sounds wild as her grip tightens further, making it difficult for Aids to breathe.

    She looks around wildly before whispering her next words into his ear. "But, ending you right now wouldn't be as gratifying. You see, I want to see you terrified, always looking over your shoulder wondering when your end is near. I want your title reign to be the most agonizing experience of your life because you'll never know when revenge will truly be mine. I'll always be watching you, Aids, and there's no way The Cure can protect you now."

    Victoria quickly let go of Aids, slipped out of the ring and ran back over the barricade. She continued to run through the crowd, looking back only once with an intensity that had never been seen from her before.
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    Aids is shown standing around kid, while he holds his throat, choking, hoping to try and get his breathing back to a steady motion. As Victoria runs away, Aids stares, eyes open and terrified, desperately trying to convince his lungs to breathe again.

    Aids looks down at his pants, and there are clearly signs that he started to piss himself, as his jeans have drops further down his pants than most people would consider. Aids realizes people noticed, and shit grins as he points at his pants, Telling dat kid size does matter, and his girlfriends prefers the Johnson of Aids.

    Dat kid moves towards AIds, and as he does, he is hit with the microphone held fimly in Aids hand. Aids stands over him, laughing while the crowd boos.

    You will never be anything, when people compare you to me. I left our match bloodied and bruised. Its time i made sure you dont walk out when we face each other. We dont want big booty bitches, but unfortunately they are the only ones who will settle for you.

    *aids holds the title up as the crowd boos.
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