Aids vs Senhor, USA vs Canada 2.

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  1. The champ's theme hits and I walk down in purple Ucan'tCme shirt, with jorts on. I slide into the ring like i always do, and some asshole hands the mic over, then pisses himself walking away.

    This is the perfect thread, and the best way to see if @"Senhor perfect" is going to use his rematch clause at ER, or if we are going to wait for summerslam for the 2nd round of stomping. Aids vs Senhor, beginning of a dynasty 2 will be coming soon, it just depends on when the candian child predator makes his move.
  2. *Theme Hits

    *Comes out still wearing the World Heavyweight Champion

    Sorry to interrupt... actually, no I'm not. I stand on this ramp still carrying MY World Heavyweight Champion! A championship that I will be screwed of come tomorrow. Now we all know Senhor got screwed out of his WWE Championship and our Tag-Team Championships. But now the question is, "Is this the downfall for Team Canada?"

    This is the beginning of Team Canada. Now this is also up to Senhor, but this Thursday, I Jesse Pinkman and Senhor Perfect challenge Stopspot and you shithead in a No Disqualification tag-team match. You want to see the true power of Canada? You got it! We'll see who the champions are. And after I get back my World Champion, I'm coming for you n*gga!
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  3. Aids comes down to the ring, after an undertaker-esque entrance.

    You have to be kidding me? What does team canada have to gain, after tomorrow i will be holding two titles, and Stopspot will be the Heavyweight title. What does team Canada have on Team Kliq? I guess we will have to wait on my partner on our decision, since i have no problem putting senhor down a second time. In fact, let's put your rematches up against it? What do you say Spot?

  4. (Starts talking over this hype up music)

    Alright, you wanna see what we've got? We'll show it to you and Stop. But lets make this more interesting than it already is. This match takes place on Wednesday and the following day, it's Jesse Pinkman Vs. Aids the Shithead in a non-title match. You're so confident that The Kliq is taking over, lets see how well you do on that.
  5. I think having my hat in too many rings may have cost me my precious WWE title. I'm going to focus on training for ER to get my title back!

    @"Aids the Jock." You got yourself a match, enjoy the title while you have it because in 30 days it'll be back where it belongs, around my waist!
  6. :finger: dont kid yourself.
  7. ...can't


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  9. If you need me, ill be getting hyphy, looking for my wifey with my team partner D'Figger.
  10. lol'd
  11. Aids brings the activity eh? You've been gone for many days Aidsey, whatssa matta?
  12. Wait ur from Canada!?
  13. Nope, he's from africa.
  14. :stfu:
  15. :no:
  16. Super PoopBomb Sux
  17. *looks at all directions

    *takes in deep breath


  18. :yes: :yes: :yes:!
  19. Lmfao at Heisenberg


    :gtfo: PoopBomb :tough: