Storyline Aids wins a manager

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    Ladies and Gentleman I bring to you the man who won our wager, that has now made me his manager for the month.​
    Dat Kid gets an index card out of his pocket
    He is the greatest IWT Champion of all time, Wrestlemania Main Eventer, and the man who taught me everything I know, except how to beat him.​
    Dat Kid immediately puts down the mic and looks at the curtain "fuck you Aids" he says away from the mic so it isn't heard.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you the star of IWT: The Aids Johnson Show...Aids Johnson!​

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    Aids Johnson walks out after a few seconds, briefcase in hand, serious look on his face. He stands at the top of the ramp, before holding up the briefcase, as the fans boo. He walks into the ring, and hands Dat Kid his briefcase, taking the mic out of his hand.

    Another win in the books for the dominant Johnson of Aids. The cure comes out with the future champion moving up a spot, while the second member decided the cure owning all the belts is better than fighting amongst the brothers. DKJames, Sackfist, Farooq. I'm going to end a career, and then send the other reject back home to the x-division they came from. That's right, you dont stand a chance DK. Farooq, like sackfist, has a loss owed to him by This Man, your future champion, the biggest draw in the IWT. *Crowd boos* '

    I see all these hilarious demands. "I want my shot at the title!" Said one jobber. "You get things given to you! I've only won one match, but im ready for the gold" spouted a rookie, and all the while, they are somehow ignoring the fact there is a tournament in which two of the most active, well-known jobbers were chosen before them, for those two very reasons? Alkaline put up the fight of his life, and our bad blood is far from finished. I may get mine someday, but today is not that day. Senhor Perfect? I'll let George answer all my questions about your credibility after he wins the #1 contender spot at Uprising.

    Aids moves over and pats Dat Kid on the shoulder, laughing.

    You think people hated us before? The special Guest ref is my announcer. *Aids turns to the crowd* You have a problem with me? Take it up with my secretary, Dat kid from Jersey. If he isnt there, his new message will let you know "dat kid is getting his weak legs worked on, his doctor assured us he is going to need it if he plans on being able to get Victoria Parker's feet off the ground in the title match later this month." Where is our IWT chairman!? He had to go on a booze run for the Cure.

    I bet you wish Alkaline had won.
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  3. *gav the chav's music hits*

    (gav the chavs) oi over here you stupid pricks thats right listen to gav now coz gav has something to tell you in 6 months time gav will walk down this very ramp look you 2 in the eyes and say ' hahahahaha i've done it haha ive actually done it ive defeated that so called great Aids Johnson haha you stupid prick' also ive noticed that you carry a briefcase around with you what the fuck is that? Briefcase wanker! Briefcase wanker! Come on everyone join in

    *crowd joins in and chants briefcase wanker for the next 10 mins*

    Well gavs gotta go now he's gotta a big match on thursday against Forrest see you around aids remember accidents happen hahahaha
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  4. Can you a least post a link to entrance music, I wanna see you have a sick theme!
  5. I have an idea for my entrance still in development though
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  6. I cracked the chav code.
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  7. The camera pans from focusing on Gav the Chav's extra chromosome, back to Aids.

    Thats beautiful. The only one with the balls to step up to the plate vs the greatest man to step into an IWT ring, is an unknown. I have an opponent in Sackfist this week, and he is a noshow at my party. Senhor perfect is planning a pity party for after he loses his title in his 3rd title defense in the 9 months he has held the title. Victoria Parker is still on a Per-event contract, and most likely wont even be heard of before NoC, while Shadoxicity and Airbourne are hiding in some abandoned motel using the money Dat Kid gave them as a bonus for being his frontmen on Heroin, running from their failures. Farooq is too busy jobbing, and Alkaline is too busy spending his time on house shows now. Am i missing anyone? No one else?

    You all want to pretend you can ignore me? Do it. Ill be your IWT champion soon. You think i hurt this company before? Fuck with me when i get to the top and raise the bar above all your midget heads. The Cure is here, and you need to make a choice. Step up, or step out the fucking door.

    *Aids Drops the mic.
  8. *Lucas Hacksaw's theme hits to a huge pop*
    *Lucas Hacksaw stands at the top of the ramp holding a mic*

    Aids, congratulations on winning. I wasn't in that match, I didn't even see it but I am sure the best person won. However, I am going to give you a little advice. Bad things happen to arrogant people. You should keep that in mind because by the sounds of it, you are pretty arrogant. However, I am not here to find trouble. But if trouble is what you want, well... actually no. I am not going to say that crap. Good luck in your match but if you continue the way you are, I think your bad luck might just interfere and cost you the match.
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