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  1. Aids walks out to a huge pop from the smark crowd in Chicago, Il. Aidsy walks out in his brewers blue, taking time to cater to the crowd before running down and sliding into the ring, grabbing the mic from the corner.

    Head on my shoulders while my title rests securely, and I intend to keep it that way. Mr. IWT, Mr. Wrestlemania, and the man who has defeated everyone who has walked in my path bar one match. That is right, one match my back has been flat against the mat. *Crowd cheers*

    But when it comes down to it, Aids doesnt lose Wrestlemania, I don't eat pins and I certainly do not intend on this wrestlemania becoming the first. Spawn can talk his hell-talk, he can claim what he wants, but we all know what has become of all OTHER 1x IWT champions. Nick is my easiest example. *Aids hold up quotation marks* Oh I'm here to be the future of the iwt. I will draw, I will do the things the old generation cannot do anymore" and yet here we are, in demand of champions like FTJ to draw.

    I do not need history, I am here to inform you of the present. Whether or not you like to admit it, I am the draw of this company, and I am the one who inspires. Forte can talk about his belt all he wants, but he cant even touch me, and that is why Mr. Roadster had our big match, to try and put over the "New" IWT belt. It didn't work, and it will never work. Truth be told, facts be stated...


  2. Nick slowly trots out onto the stage with a smile on his face, taking in the crowd. He walks down the ramp and leaps onto the ring apron, staring Aids down. He enters the ring, gives Aids a smirk, and grabs a microphone.

    "All that beer got your head, eh buddy? You're not making too much sense. Because that "title" you hold on your shoulder and raise constantly is nothing anymore. Jack Forte is the real world champ and always will be until I take that from you."

    The crowd gives a mixed reaction to his comment.

    "There is no longing for FTJ or any of those scrubs anymore, except maybe from me of course. Look around you - you don't draw anymore. If it wasn't for our competition going out of business, IWT would be dead! And you're the nominal face of the company - you drove it straight into the ground. These people want something new - no, they need something new. Somebody who doesn't live on the past, somebody who has earned a world championship reign - and that man is me. Whether you like it or not, I'm taking that title from you... and there's nothing you can do about it."
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  3. And that someone - is you? Tell me how you drew as champion after your first and only title reign. Tell me how you will take the company into the future. Hell, explain to me how I drove the company down without holding a belt? If anything is to blame for this company struggling, it is the LACK of Aidsy in the building!

    Forte can claim what he wants, he can talk about what he wants, but at the end of the day the man who holds the IWT title is standing in front of you, and if you think you can take it from me? Step to the plate, son. Save us Nicky, why wait?

    It's because you are a coward, who couldn't fill my shoes yesterday, won't fill them today, and who will fall on his face trying tomorrow.
  4. A loud bellowing laughter flocks through the arena as Spawn appears stood on the announce table looking at both men.

    Spawn - "The wise words of a fool? This is how I hear it. That belt in your grasp has clearly twisted with your mind aids. Do you know that you are a champion and not a God? Because you seem to have forgotten about my wrath and what I do to everyone I face. While he is still here for some reason, ask Nick. That is before he runs away after remembering the punishment I inflicted on him. See Nick was like you Aids. He thought he could shrug me off and I would leave, but I came back twice as hard and twice as mean and poor old Nick has never been the same since.

    People used to think Nick was the savior of IWT. Now they can't even be bothered to cheer his name. I killed Nick that night. No one even notices him anymore. So perhaps you should spent less time gloating and waste more of your time trying to figure out how you could beat me. And I guess that you actually know you cannot, but it wouldn't be a fools actions if he were not to try. So I warn you now. Drop the mic and run! You have no hope at IWTMania. Go backstage, snap some photos of you with your belt and make them look good, because they will be the last pictures we will ever see of Aids Johnson and the IWT Championship because once that bell rings and I can finally get my hands on you, I am going to drag you into the pits of hell and make you my bitch.

    You will face the torment of the shrieks and cries of the already damned souls like Nick and Gav. You will appreciate these words then when you realize I was simply offering you a way out that was much easier than being beaten, broken and destroyed in front of the entire world.

    Spent less time worrying about Nick because Nick is just a phantom of his former self. You are wasting your precious time on this earth worrying about that ambition of hope and justice. I am the killer of all things and when kill I do it slowly. You talk about being the big draw and being the main event of IWTMania but you will soon hate this. You will hate that everyone had to see your demise when I knock you off of your pedestal into the mountain of shit that you succumb to. You won't be beaten by pins, punches or throws. I am going to relinquish your fighting spirit when you come face to face with your own demons and death himself. You are losing at IWTMania. Not to me, hell not even to Nick. You are going to lose to yourself when the false idols is crushed by his own weight and broken in the realization he is nothing more than a mortal man trying to box with God."
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