AJ Lee to receive first-ever, official WWE T-Shirt

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    Here's the T-Shirt Design and it's estimated to be released in June:


    I know some of you don't care for AJ, but I think this is a tremendous accomplishment for a female wrestler this day in age. The last female wrestlers in the company to have merchandise were Trish Stratus and Lita. The WWE perceives AJ as marketable and that's more than we can say for many of the Divas on the roster. I'm happy for her and I like the T-Shirt design.
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  2. I really like the design and I think it's an amazing accomplishment for a Diva to get merchandise.
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  3. Well. Looks like I'm in a money dilemma now. Shit.
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  4. AJ Mark mode: On

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  5. Her t-shirt should be my signature
  6. Yeah you should :true:
  7. I meant the signature I have now should be her t-shirt :jeritroll:
  8. :lol1: Well yeah it should
  9. I like it, it's pretty cool and she's the first who has a T-Shirt, but would this mean she won't wear DZ's T-Shirt? Maybe they breakup...
  10. Personally I think AJ will be with Dolph for a while longer. I wouldn't be surprised if her, Dolph, and Big E were champions all at the same time to solidify them as a power trio of sorts.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised that after Extreme Rules, AJ and Dolph were champions but if the T-shirt is released in June it's enough time for WWE to make them brake... I think that can happen but not until June
  12. OMG so awesome. Black, pink, and a spider shaped like a love heart? I can't believe I'm actually excited for a piece of WWE merchandise!
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  13. Will buy it.
  14. Chyna had some DVDs out didn't she? I don't think that it was fully licensed under WWE Entertainment though.. MERCH.
  15. :ksi: Well..not really
  16. I've seen clips...
  17. That's a cool shirt the pink spider reminded me of the Bret Hart. This is more of a feminine shirt but I really like it. Congrats to her!
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  18. Meh, personally I do think they'll break up soon. Maybe when AJ wins the Divas belt, Dolph and AJ go at it to prove who's the better champion in the relationship. Maybe. Idk. Just a thought. :smug-47:
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  19. I would rock that AJ Lee Shirt for sure, when I can get my hands on it.
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  20. I would love to wear that, but I think it's for women's, doesn't matter, I'll fucking wear it even if it's a women's shirt.
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