Storyline AJ Styles and Farooq's kidnappers

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  1. AJ Styles arrives at Belmont Park at 11:59. He looks around at the crowd of people, filling the park. He carefully sets the briefcase down, and walks away. A man grabs the suitcase as AJ leaves, and runs off. He runs towards a van, and as the back door open his face gets slammed onto the side of the van. Two men come out from the back of the van, coming to check on their ally. They see him on the ground, but no one else is there. Suddenly the driver screams as he's thrown from his seat, and the van begins to drive off. Farooq, who's tied in the back uses his feet to shut the van doors shut. Two cars start to chase the van as Farooq used a nearby razor to cut himself free.

    Farooq then peaks over the seat, seeing AJ Styles driving the van. "How did you know where to find me?" Farooq asked, before turning around and seeing the cars chasing them. "No time, we need to get rid of them!" Styles said as Farooq said a couple of boxes of ammo. "Leave it to me.." Farooq said, opening one of the doors and throwing the box out. The box skid on the highway street, hitting the tire on one car which made it crash into the other car. The two cars were now unable to drive, as AJ and Farooq made their escape.

    Farooq made his way to the passenger seat, sitting beside the TNA Champion. "Lets end this tonight, round up a few of your friends and we'll take them out." Farooq said as AJ nodded. "Alright, but it's not going to be easy kid."
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