AJ Styles:Will the Lone Wolf, be World Champion again?

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    With Jeff Hardy out for a little while unless TNA wants to make him super human, theirs no one to step for the TNA Company or is there? Now I know AJ Styles isn't allowed to get another title shot till Bound for Glory, but it's time people for the Phenomenal one AJ Styles to win the gold back.It makes sense bringing back AJ to teach James Storm a lesson, as AJ in his own mind he thinks without him losing to Storm he would of never of became the disasterly man is now.AJ Styles could of went with Kaz and Daniels forming almost a heel Fortune, but he thought otherwise, and I get it now.I wonder if AJ would be willing to have AJ join Aces and Eights, and everything is good for awhile and all sudden AJ turns on Bully Ray, and gets a Title shot at Bound for Glory? It would be funny huh, doing what Bully Ray did to Hogan and TNA, in kind? Theirs no way TNA is going to keep him walking around with his cumcumber haircut every week till then.I can honestly say I've been waiting for this AJ Styles for a long time.TNA has tried to make AJ Styles a heel but he was either a clown with Christan in TNA or looked as a fool when he was Ric Flair.People are going to taking AJ Styles more seriously now, and Bully Ray...do you know I am...I'm the greatest thing TNA has produced.
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  2. I'd be shocked if AJ doesn't get the belt at BFG.
  4. It would be great if TNA had Sabin vs Styles in the finals of the Bound for Glory Tournaments, would be a great moment to see these two from where they came from, fighting for a World Title shot within the Company.
  5. I'd like to see Styles wining the belt the next PPV after Bound For Glory because he deserves it not because of the points
  6. I'd like to see Styles vs. Storm in one semi-finals with Styles beating him, thus James Storm losing his 3rd BFGS semi-final in a row, and then presumably beating Matt Morgan in the finals of the Series.

    Then comes Bully Ray @ BFG, I'd maybe even add some stip.
  7. I've been waiting 3+ years for this.. Will definitely start watching TNA again if it happens.
  8. AJ Styles is a shoe in to win the title at BFG IMO, Its the ultimate redemption. After having the worst year of his career which sent his personal life into disarray, he (AJ) after months of not giving a damn about anything he finally decides to rejoin team TNA and wins the title off Bully Ray at BFG.

    It could be AJ to win at BFG or it could be someone else....Brother!
  9. Matt Morgan is the 2nd best (and most realistic) option to win it.
  10. Your right, Morgan is both of them things & I would love to see it happen but don't put it past Hogan.
  11. I'd love it if he beat Bully for the belt at BFG.
  12. Styles being the world champion is atleast a hell of a lot better then that ridicolous rumor of Hogan taking the world title.
    I will like to see Bully Ray VS Styles but, as they are 2 heels that wont happen.
    Styles VS Sabin works for me.
  13. Styles isn't a heel, he's an unknown entity. He's a tweener if anything currently, he's attacked Kaz / Daniels (heels) aswell as Storm and Angle (faces). Expect to see Styles / Ray at BFG with AJ going over.
  14. Thought of this today:

    - AJ Styles swerves the internet and actually joins Aces & 0.8s Thursday
    - Bully Ray beats Sting in Boston on June 2nd
    - AJ is doing VERY good in the Series, while Bully is still the champion and AJ's president
    - Not giving a fuck about Bully's orders not to enter BFGS finals, Styles goes to Series finals and ultimately wins the damn thing
    - Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles @ BFG for the strap

    I'd like this way a bit more than with AJ being tweener/face while winning the Series. My way would make the more compelling and intriguing TV.
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