Storyline AK writes a poem for Gav

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  1. *A camera crew walks around backstage, they stumble upon AK walking out from the gym*

    Reporter: AK, do you have a minute?

    *AK stops and turns to the camera.*

    Reporter: I was wondering if you have anything to say about your house show match with Gav the Chav next week? Do you have any form of plan, do you have any...

    AK: Let me stop you right there. Hey you, camera monkey, focus dummy.

    September 11, a massacre is going to take place
    And all that everyone will remember is the look on Gav's face,
    As he stands in the ring, with this bandit right here,
    And suddenly realizes, that I'm gonna end his career.

    His nose will get bloodied
    His teeth will leave his mouth,
    I'm gonna break all his bones
    Before I send him back to the British south.

    That amoral little rat
    In his tracksuit and bling,
    Is going to regret picking a fight with a bigger thing.
    He looks like a fool, he dresses like a dump,
    While my name is AK, and I'm a champ who's gonna pummel a chump.

    *AK turns back to the reporter*

    AK: Anything else?
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  2. *gav is watching from the ring he seems dissappointed*
  3. *after gav the chavs match with bruce knight finishes gav storms backstage he's going after AK*

    (gav the chav) oi you little cheeky **** who the fuck do you think your talking to you little doyle on wednesday im going to kick your head in you little prick you call that a poem haha it doesn't even rhyme you dozy bastard i can't wait for wednesday now
  4. *Ak spits in Gav's face*
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  5. *gav hits Ak with a right hook knocking him out cold*

    (gav the chav) BOOM! hahaha you scruffy **** this what happen when you fuck with gav the chav see you on wednesday you prick

    *gav walks away leaving AK's unconsious body on the ground*
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  6. *AK jumps up and attacks Gav from behind, just playing possum*

    AK: Rule one of combat, make sure your target is out fucker!
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  7. *gav gets up off the floor and stares down AK*

    (gav the chav) what a vile disgusting human been your are first you spit in my face then you attack me from behind like a fucking pussy you are and you have the cheek to think your a better person than me just coz i'm a chav i may have done some fucked up shit but i've never attacked another man from behind and i've never spat in another mans face on wednesday i am well and truly gunna fuck you up

    *gav then slaps Ak in the face*
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  8. *Ak grabs the arm he was slapped with and bends it against the joints before shuvving Gav into the wall face first.*

    AK: Just shut up and fight me like a man fairyboy.
  9. *gav kick AK in the ball whick forces him to leave go of gavs arm gav then drop kick AK to the floor then unleashes a flurry of punches then backs of to allow AK back to his feet*

    (gav the chav) come at me bro!
  10. OOC: wtf is going on?
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  11. *AK launches off the floor and tackles Gav into the wall and starts throwing elbows into the face of Gav, making him bleed from the nose.*
  12. *gav take a nearby chair and proceeds to hit AK multiple times until he falls tothe ground gav then throws the chair away and kicks Ak in the head twice before stepping back*
  13. *AK stumbles to his feet, Gav launches at him but AK catches him and slams him into the wall multiple times before throwing him through the door to the women's locker room.*
  14. *gav stumbles to his feet and notices Big E Rection in there fully naked AK takes advantage of a distracted gav and tackles gav to the ground gav retaliates by hitting Ak with a near by 4x4 causing ak to back off*
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  15. *scrambles out of the womens locker room*
    You didn't see shit!
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  16. *AK dances around Gav, trying to get around the 4x4. AK points behind Gav, further into the locker room.*

    AK: Look! Adam Aries!

    *Gav turns around and AK capitalizes, stealing away the 4x4 and throwing it out of the room before throwing Gav into the lockers.*
  17. *Adam stands in shock*

    OOC: Wtf is going on?
  18. *gav gets to his feet and shout 'look Crayo is fucking Jonathan behind you' Ak turns around to look with ak distracted gav grabs the nearby dildo which Big E Rection left behind and lubes it up then sneaks up on ak and proceeds to penetrate ak in the anus*
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  19. OOC: too far. This is PG programming.
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  20. ooc a little butthurt?