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  1. We interrupt this broadcast with a special message from IWT Superstar Christian.

    Christian: Don't really know how to start this off here. So here it goes. Hello television viewers across the globe!
    I'm IWT superstar, Christian... and also the World Heavyweight Cham- actually does it matter? What IS a champion when there is no people?

    This is coming out of the blue for me, I'm not sure if I want to do this, but it's been on my mind lately. And I'd rather make this a global broadcast rather than speaking to an empty arena if we're being completely honest. I mean, who does that?

    This company started over two years ago.
    This company has had it's ups and downs.
    This company was a place that some of us called home!

    Now over a month ago we had our biggest event of the year, IWTMania. And even though it didn't turn out how everyone had planned, people were ready to work the next day. But for the first time in history, they actually cancelled the events for the rest of the year and said NO MORE SHOWS until further notice. It's nearly two months later, two PPV's later, yet no progress has been announced, no updates have been given and there's a bunch of us on the sidelines waiting.

    But even though it seems the fire has burnt out, I still see a small flame burning. I can't do anything alone, but a bunch of us can ignite it and restart the fire which is IWT! So I ask each and every IWT Superstar to speak out on behalf of themselves! Because this World Heavyweight Championship means nothing to me when there are no people nor challengers! MY NAME IS CHRISTIAN AND THIS IS AN ALERT, A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT, A CHANCE TO RE-IGNITE IWT!

    PS. Idk what to do, anyone make an announcement to see if we can re-ignite IWT.
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  3. Damn, when did I write this?
  4. IWT should be reborn with me as GM.