Alex vs Roray

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Alex Simms, May 17, 2013.

  1. :hmm:

    This is hard to do since you can just cheat...
  2. Not really. Get two people on at the same time, a IWT Mod asks a question and whoever posts first gets a point until someone gets 11.
    Too much work tho.
  3. Fine, My hands will just be on this site and I will not cheat.
  4. :notsure: No way to prove that.

    Just do a basic promo match. You shoot a promo, they answer back, you shoot one more, they have the last word. Basic. Simple. Works.
    The quiz is not an option on the match list because people can easily cheat at it, not saying you would, but that is why we don't do them.
  5. Fine, I'm changing this to a Promo match, just a regular one, We'll only do 1 promo.
  6. That is fine. :otunga:
  7. I ain't doing multiple promos, I'll suck at that.
  8. Just do one, thats fine.
  9. I will when Roray's here.
  10. Yo, when you want to do this?
  11. Tomorrow Night during Raw.
  12. Alright, that's cool with me.
  13. I'm done for tonight.
  14. Srsly. More MP?
  15. I don't know why he put that.

    and okay, Alex Simms