Storyline Alias Antonio

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  1. Spawn is sitting on a steel chair in a dimly lit room.

    Spawn - Alias Antonio. You should wipe that arrogant little smile off your face from our last encounter. I do not play with the little boys. If I wanted you broken it would already be done. I am very bored. There is no one in IWT who I can belittle and tear down because everyone so called man in this company hides in fear. No one challenges me anymore. Has my presence become so fabled and feared that I strike horror into the souls of the weak?

    You come out and try to better me. You have no respect and like thy neighbor I show you none. There is a balance to life, and you call it death. There is an opposite to good and you call it evil. It has many names, I have many names. Alias Antonio you are nothing but a little punk. At our match at IWT survival I am going to change things up. You want to get your hands bloody? Because I want the old Alias Antonio. I want the the killer who would dominate all he faced. Not this pathetic show of a forgotten name. Your big IWTmania match was abysmal. I had to finish the job for you.

    You can big yourself up as much as you want but I am the one that ended Dat Kid's career. You just put him and everyone else to sleep. But life is all about overcoming your mistakes. I am giving you one more chance to earn your redemption from your weak ways. At IWT Survival this will be no normal match. One of us will die. Now I ask you Antonio, are you willing to kill once more? Are you ready to try and kill me? Because once that bell rings I am uncaged. There are no limits or rules to what I will do to you, because I am making this match, Satan's Streetfight.

    Bring everything you need to beat me, because you will need it. Alias Antonio I bid you farewell, I expect to see you in the ring like a gladiator playing my game."

    Spawn then stands as he folds up the chair and holds it in one hand, as he drags a large black sack rolled up on the ground as he walks into the darkness.

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