Alkaline vs Farooq - VOTING

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  1. Alkaline

  2. Farooq

  1. Alkaline vs Farooq
    The following contest is a promo battle! Each competitor will have up to 3 promos each in a 24hr period.​
    Once that period is over there will be an additional 24 hours for voting.​
    Once voting is finished, the person with the most votes will be the winner!​

    You may now begin...
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  2. Damn you Jonathan! :aries:
  3. Who goes first? o3o

  4. The lights dimmed as a spotlight appeared on the stage. "This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the X Division champion! From Houston, Texas! Farooq!!" The announcer said as the crowd cheered loudly. Farooq walked onto the stage wearing a blue robe with his escort Jessica. He walked down the center of the ramp as the stoplight followed him. The crowd cheered loudly still, Farooq now standing in front of the ring. Farooq gives the X Division championship to Jessica as he walks up the steel steps. Jessica remains outside, as Farooq enters the ring. Farooq removes his robe, and he's now in his ring gear. With his black and blue trunks, his black knees pads, black boots, and dark blue gloves, Farooq reaches for a microphone to start the match.

    "My opponent tonight, is one that has made an impact here in the IWT. He is one that has won the first Royal Rumble, one that has held my United States title, one that formed the Television title, and one that participated in the unification match in Money in the Bank. MY opponent is not one to be taken easy, and one to underestimate, because he is a powerful opponent and one that does fight. Unfortunate for him though, I'm one that enjoys to fight as well. I have never went easy on anybody, and I will not start tonight with my opponent, Alkaline." Farooq said as the crowd gave a pop of cheers.

    "While my opponent was off winning the United States championship, I myself gained four championships. I created the X Division, and today it lives. My opponent created the TV championship, and it no longer exists. I walked into Money in the Bank as the X Division champion, and walked out with the championship. He walked in with the Television championship, and walked out with nothing. While we both love to fight, I am the one that does fall off the mountain. At the end of the day, my opponent can cheap shot me, my opponent can attack me, he can ambush me, he can slap me, dishonor me, he can do just about anything....but at the end of the day, I still get the job done. I walk in as a champion, no matter who I have to face, and I walk out as champion. I do it fairly, I have never cheated to retain this championship, the only thing I've used to keep this championship are these. Farooq said as he showed the crowd his two hands.

    "The skin off my bones, the muscles in my arm, the energy in my body, the fighting will in my art, the knowledge in my brain. I've used all of these aspects of my being to win matches, and they've lead me to be the X Division champion I am today." Farooq said as the crowd began to chant Farooq's name.
  5. *As the lights dim and one spotlight flashes at the start of the entrance way. The crowd is clapping along to the entrance theme. Alkaline walks out into the spotlight and it follows him as he heads to the ring. He's wearing green and black wrestling shorts with chain patterns on the sides of them as well as green and black kickpads. He has a black sweat towel covering his head. He slides into the ring and stands in the middle of the ring with the spotlight on him. Slowly he reaches up and removes the towel as the lights come back on as he looks out at the fans. He turns and look at Farooq. Alkaline grabs a mic and beings to speak.*​
    AK: Well that's good and all. I suppose I should thank you for that introduction Farooq so here we go...thanks. Now onto business. Tonight Farooq, tonight we go to war. Two people who most certainly made an impact in this company. You and me have done a lot of things. I founded the World TV title, you held four titles at once. I won the rumble, you created the X-Division. We are trend setters you and I. But that's where the similarities end. Because you are a company stooge. You're a company a guy, a good little boy. You do what the guys in the back ask of you. You kiss the babies, shake the hands and eat the corporate pie with a smile on your face, despite it being baked on complete BS. ​
    I on the other hand am not like that. I dislike the way this company is run and I have been vocal about it since I got here. GM's not doing their jobs, champions being stricken of their belts at the first hint of an injury even if it isn't serious. Out of control groups like the Cure, who might as well thank me cause I just made them relevant, and Aids Johnson sneaking back into this company. I air all of that dirty laundry that the company would prefer to just push further and further into the closet and ignore. And I do that because the company needs it, if this company wishes to expand and grow it needs to grow out of bush league bullshit and apparently I am the only one that see this and tries to do something about it. ​
    *The crowd doesn't know what to think*​
    AK: You keep being these people's hero, but for what? What are you going to gain from towing the company line? Fame, glory, money? You're just an expandable commodity to these people man. You are going to beat yourself into the ground, and once you cannot go anymore, they are going to throw you aside for the next young buck. And when your body is broken and destroyed, when you can hardly walk due to arthritis and when you need to live off of pills to handle the pain, will they take care off you? No! They'll throw you to the wayside like all the ones that came before you, possibly to bring you out for some comedic backstage segment ala Ron Simmons. This company doesn't care for us and these fans are no better man, they cheer who the machine wants them to cheer, and boo for whom they want them to boo. You and me are cogs in a machine and we are expendable. I speak out for all of us but when I do I get ridiculed and bood. Yes, I fell off the mountain, but I'm not a little bitch who whine myself to title shots because I fell off the horse. I get back up on that horse and I make it my bitch. And that's what I am doing now, getting back in the fight. I don't care for this company, I don't care for the politics of hand shakes. I care about the sport. I'm not in this to be some kind of hero or villain. Because heroes don't get remembered and villains are long since extinct. I myself am the last of a dying breed. I'm here to make my legacy. To be remembered for how I went out. And the history books won't write that Alkaline went silently in his sleep, but in a blaze of fury, killing everyone in his path and setting the company on fire. ​
    *crowd is a mix of boos and cheers*​
    AK: i'm not going to cheap shot you Farooq, I'm not going to cheat, or ambush you. I'm going to destroy you head on. We are going to collide at top speed, one of us being a sheep, and the other a runaway train. And I ain't no sheep. Your skin is going to break, your bones are going to snap and your muscles are going to give way. Your brain is going to give out on you, the fighting in your art is going to be a dud. All of that has brought you so far but now you face something you haven't faced before. You face me. A beast that hungers for violence and thirsts for combat. I don't care for your title, I don't care for your history. I care about the here and now, the fact that you answered my challenge and that you now have to pay the price. My name is Alkaline, this ring is a jungle and I am its king. You can throw whatever you want at me, every punch, every kick, every tactic you can think off and I will get back up. The pain doesn't bother me, it just shows that I am alive. And I'll keep getting back up because I don't fear death. And no one in this company can kill me! ​
  6. Dat Kid. Pretty sure it is over.
  7. Ends just about now actually
  8. What a match.
  9. *Alkaline stands over a beaten Fluttershy Farooq and raises his arms into the air. He looks down at his beaten opponent and says.*

    AK: Heroes are forgotten, villains die. But warriors, are made legends.

    *Alkaline walks out of the ring.*
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