Storyline Alkatrz, Reppin' Strong Style

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  1. The theme hits and the crowd all look towards the ramp in surprise. A huge figure comes out, he surveys them before strutting into the ring and climbing over the ropes.

    The name. Is Alkatrz. It was the name given to me by Mentor.

    A strange name? Yes. It represents Alcatraz prison, where thousands of people were sent to die, a place of torture, a place of pain. Growing up on the streets of Sin City I fought for what is mine. I fought for the bus ticket home, I fought for my lunch. And, I fought for FUN!

    The crowd begins to Boo Alkatrz

    You can Boo me all you want, I am not here for your approval. I am here to fight. So here I am. And to everyone back there, I am coming for you.

    Alkatrz's theme hits and he shoves his way backstage while making faces and scary the crowd.
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  2. OOC - Short & Sweet. Fuck yeah, Tumbas.
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  4. Really good stuff, Tumbas.
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  5. OOC: Already interested in where your character leads, great work!
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