OOC All Future Shows Cancelled!

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Gav in da BPL!, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. So as you all probably know IWT is a complete mess at the minute wrestlemania was a complete fail, nobody knows whos in charge ect so after talking with @Trip in the Head we've decided there's no way we can continue untill we finally sort this out so all future shows are cancelled until we get everything sorted hopefully we can do it as soon as possible so we can get back on track any questions just ask
  2. Wow, right when I got interested again, aw well!
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  3. If it means anything I will be willing to help run IWT and shit. If it means I will actually get to win a belt one day
  4. This is why we don't corrupt vote people. :pity1:
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  5. :otunga:
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  6. Yours wasn't so much "corrupt" as it was "wrong place at the right time" lol

    Yeah that won't guarantee it lol. I've been "in charge" and I've never once won a singles title :boohoo: Maybe I just suck too
  7. Just imagine the uproar if I announced this
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  8. Enjoy reading that PM with Punk and I lol
  9. IWT's goin' out of buildness? [​IMG]
  10. I didn't really consider yours corrupt...
    Unless this is a confession, then... :urm:
  11. Well, At least it gives you guys time to decide on important matters such as who's the GM and what you can do to regain interest and to discuss other matters.
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  12. Lol wait what
  13. Fuck off, im fighting THG
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  14. Nobody said you couldn't. Do it whenever you want. But if you want it a show - and I think you do - just wait a bit. Build to the match with some juicy story that I know you two can come up with.
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  15. and then it'll be a 1 match show because you all suck
  16. Well that was uncalled for
  17. I don't think you suck Trip <3
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  18. Then why don't you visit me more? :boohoo:
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